Wednesday, 26 November 2014


Ask in faith

Believe that you have received

Confidently chase your dreams even in the midst of challenging circumstances

Demonstrate God's power as he brings you in the circle of like-minded creatures

Expect a good reward

Forgive with ease

Give what you have and expect a multiplication of your five loaves

Humility is a prerequisite for great accomplishments

Increase your faith and yield to personal development.

Jettison the wrong motives and focus on values that build a strong and egalitarian society

Keep your face like that of a flint because your task and responsibilities cannot afford the luxury of distractions

Learn as well as teach

Move as the spirit of God leads you

Negative actions produce poor
results...keep that in focus. 

Open your heart to receive constructive criticisms from destiny helpers with clear motives

Praise GOD at all times

Quantum leap is the outcome of diligence,   responsibility, and self development

Respect and value people as you interface with them and get things much as you can, help them grow.

Stir up the gifts within you and rule your world

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and try not to lean on your human know in parts

Under no circumstances should you victimise and oppress people with the position and influence you have, instead be the voice of hope that echoes in eternity.

Voice out GODs promises

Words that proceed out of your mouth carry in them the potential to produce that is spoken of...choose your next words carefully.

X-ray your motives to ensure your motives are in tandem with the right values  and without traces of selfishness.

You can be all that God has destined for you if you can confidently move without fears.

Zion is where you live...act as such.

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Ifeoluwa Ajayi said...

Wow. This is truly inspiring.