Friday, 28 November 2014


I know that the year is almost over and some people are not happy because their set goals or targets have not yet been met or achieved. I can relate very well to how you feel. But you know, there are still some significant things you have achieved this year that you feel is insignificant or not relevant at all to be thankful for. Be hopeful and know that it is not yet over until it is over! So instead of worrying and groaning,  start thanking GOD for all HE has done and not what you feel HE has not done.

Here are the list of things I feel we should all be thankful to GOD for:

The gift of life

Good health

Your happy family

Your lovely and loving spouse

Your children

Your Job

Your friends and well wishers

The help you have received 

The needs you have met

The smile you have put on the face of people

The sun and the rain

Your car 

The roof over your head

Your cell phone to reach out to family and friends and also to be reached

The clean water you drink

The good food you eat

The little money you have

I could go on and on and on.... We have every reason to be thankful to GOD and be rest assured that HE crowns our year with goodness. WIth a heart of thanksgiving, do not stop expecting! It is not over yet!

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Ifeoluwa Ajayi said...

God loves a grateful heart