Saturday, 29 November 2014


...If we cannot now end our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity...John F. Kennedy.

German philosopher Johann Goethe taught, "Treat a man as he is and he will remain as he is. Treat a man as he can and should be and he will become as he can and should be. In fact, most people respond to being treated with respect by elevating their thoughts and actions to the same level of respect they are given-or beyond. 

I always pay close attention when a few people share accounts of their travails in life; most of the time, these life's blossom because someone picked interest in them and treated them with love and respect. 

Every human being irrespective of age, class, and social diversity responds to respect, respond to people who see and draw out their hidden potential. The feeling of received respect cannot be hidden, you see it in their countenance, it is deeply expressed via the sound of their voice and tone of their response, you see it in the glow of their the same vain, the feedback gotten from disrespect is filled with rebellion.

Most importantly, each time you give respect or serve disrespect as it were, be rest assured that you have made a huge emotional deposit side by side even if a little child was a recipient of that deposit, the outcome will manifest in similar way but this time more intensive. 

The rationale behind most of the societal deficiencies we experience is linked to emotional abuse people have experienced, and in the cause of trying to gain back that which was taken away, they step on toes consciously or unconsciously because their emotions are damaged. 

I urge us today, as we move towards the realisation of our dreams, keep in focus that people around us deserve to be treated with respect even as we dish out instructions with firmness. The cleaner, the Gardner, the cook, the subordinate, the line manager, the boss, the driver, the little child, the nanny..

Every single person playing different roles deserve respect. As much as you pay salary, offer respect and guess what, they will return it to you expanding your grounds.

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Laura Nwodo said...

How refreshing is this? Respect is indeed magical! Thanks darling. X