Wednesday, 26 November 2014



A lot of times, starting small isn't really the problem people face. The huge problem is procrastination. We like to give  genuine reasons why we did not do what we were supposed to do- such like, "I am waiting for the right moment to do it", "I do not have enough time", "I have a hand-full at work and taking care of the family", "You do not understand what I am going through", " I am having a hard time", and on and on and on.. All these excuses are genuine, but threats to fulfilling GODs' plans and purpose for our lives. Let's stop making excuses. Stop waiting for the perfect time: To Love our families, To Do our work, To improve our performance, To feel good and happy (yes, that is a big job too, loving yourself) and To live our GOD-given lives to the fullest. 

Embrace reality and try to do something extraordinary with what is set before you. Yes you can do it! All you need is one simple practice that will revolutionise everything you do: You must start small!

When you start doing it little by little, the seemingly big tasks will become a habit you love and enjoy doing. Starting small is like a "small seed that grows into a big tree".

Little is much when you look into your heart. Little is much when you know who you are!

 Photo credit : Tacluda

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