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Marriage is two people on a life-long mission. Whether we notice it or not we all go into marriage with a goal or two in mind. And whatever that goal or mission is, will be different for every couple.

The key is to have the same goal as your husband, and the master key is to have a goal that’s focused on the Lord.

As I interact with both single and married folks, the line of conversation reveals the foundation upon which the relationship is built and most of the time, there is no definite definition of goals, dreams and principles that should guide and check mate progress. I affirm that mission statement doesn’t just help you formulate a focus, it helps you to keep that focus.

Every organisation with vision and purpose will have a mission statement that guides and strengthens their convictions even in the midst of turbulent moments. 

In the same way a united purpose is an asset to a couple. Our faith is a stronghold when our marriage is threatened. The essence of this strategy in marriage is to maintain a consistent and united value system that strengthens them as they pursue dreams with high tenacity of purpose. 

Guidelines on how to create a mission statement that resonates with your values, dreams and collective vision.

There is no specific template or systematic process, but I will give you a few tips that will help guide you in this process. Therefore, Get together with your spouse, pray about the things you want to include, and have fun putting it together!

1.Start with a mission; It could be one line or several. For instance " To have Christ in the center as we love and share to the glory of God". Very simplified yet with deep meaning. So start with a mission.

2. List your Values; These are things that are important to you as individuals and as a couple. These could be...having mutual respect, sharing, helping and supporting each other, going to bed together, reading the Bible together, praying, listening to each other and lots more. 

3. Generate your values and keep them in focus. List your goals and dreams; These are things you want to achieve together...retiring young, having a ministry, having a school, setting up a global business...This will help your prayer life as you work towards achieving great things together.

In putting your mission statement together, focus on what is important in your marriage and keep it free from distraction. You can make it beautiful by framing it with a lovely art material and place it where both of you can see it and reflect as you communicate.

You are loved by the awesome God and he wants you to have a blissful marriage.


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This is absolutely beautiful! #brilliant!