Tuesday, 30 December 2014


Being Sensitive is when one is able to detect or respond to slight changes physically or emotionally (even when the change is not obvious to many). These changes could be in your relationship with your spouse, family members, friends, colleagues, environment or anywhere you find yourself. No matter the negative side of being sensitive, the advantage supersedes the negatives. Being sensitive, you are able to understand the feelings of others and aware of their needs, and by so, you will behave in a way that will make them feel good rather than hurting them. The world is filled with insensitive people, that is why a friend could comfortably step on a friend's toe without filling a pinch about how the other feels, or you hear of a man cheating on his wife and do not feel that he is doing the wrong thing, or a business colleague cheating his/her partner...the list goes on. If the world could be half as sensitive, it would be a better place for us all trust me. 

For Instance, when a couple is genuinely sensitive about each others needs, they will strive not to hurt each others feelings by steering clear off anything that will hurt the feelings of the other. The rate at which couples go their separate ways is as a  result of insensitivity. If you are sensitive, you will notice when your partner is feeling down, you will not say words that will hurt your partners feelings, you will treat your partner with love and respect. Someone ones said, "Sensitive men are better lovers, better husbands, better fathers" and I have come to agree with that.

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