Monday, 1 December 2014


Hello There!  Just a little word for you this beautiful month. As GOD has made it possible for us to see this month, I want to assure you that HE has saved the best for last for you. We are not moved by sight, but we are moved by faith in the word (promises) of GOD.

This might sound like a cliché be like yeah yeah I have heard this before. But the truth is that you have not heard this particular one. 

There is so much to gain  when you have absolute trust in GOD and walk in righteousness. Nothing is hard for GOD to do. You only need to play your part which is trusting in GOD and walking in the path of righteousness. 
GOD loves us so much and HE does not ever bring evil to HIS children, instead HE said only with our eyes we shall see the punishment of the wicked(psalm 91).

This is a great month, believe it or not. Let our faith be lifted as we walk through this month with high expectations.  It is written, you have whatsoever you say. So I urge us to speak into the atmosphere of our lives and call forth whatever we desire.

GOD does not mince word when HE says "come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy ladened; and I will give you rest". Declare that this month is your month of rest! You need not keep struggling. Just have a heart of gratitude. Thank GOD for all HE has done and HE will do yet more than you ever desired.

This month you will have every cause to laugh a good laugh. GOD sure knows how to save the best for last! Watch out for your testimonies! Remain blessed!  

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