Friday, 26 December 2014


Influence is a means of getting what we want without command or compulsion. Unlike power, which can be exercised only by certain people in the work environment such as managers and executives by virtue of their position, influence can be exercised by anyone at any level of the organisation. For example, a savvy manager who enjoys the power of position sees the wisdom of not exercising it. She recognizes that she can get more of what she wants by applying influence. Explaining her concerns by asking for cooperation to meet departmental needs will be more effective than bossing people around and oppressing them with your position.

Influence based leadership is a powerful approach that has helped salvage relationships and work ethics that were almost falling apart. The approach to life circumstances determines the possible outcome.

It's obvious that a person considered untrustworthy will have a hard time influencing the decision.

Here are some tips that will help guide your decisions towards the path way of gaining genuine trust from folks:

Tell people the truth, no matter how painful.

Deliver both the good news and the unappealing news clearly without unspoken undertone.

Accept your mistakes and take responsibility for them.

Identify the upside and downside potential of your suggestions.

Recognise the value of ideas that compete with yours.

Do not ignore calls from people you are owing, whether financial or services, pick up, explain the circumstance and offer genuine reassurance.

Provide decision makers with the information they need to make wise choices.

Put organizational goals above your personal motives.

The cumulative effect of these behaviours over time invest a person with trustworthiness that sets the stage for influence to happen. We are learning everyday. Let us strive for excellence by influencing our world positively. 

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