Monday, 22 December 2014


Someone said "You cannot eat your cake and have it". This is so true. And I am relating this adage to couples right now. Ok let us talk. 

As a woman, I have come to know that women are very soft at heart although the experiences we have accumulated have given us a reason to toughen up and be rational even as we express love.
But the truth still remains, you can only get from a woman the measure investment you make on her either as a positive emotional deposit or a negative emotional deposit either ways, the return will come shaking together and running over..

It amazes me to know that  most men irrespective of class and societal variations aren't aware of one powerful "source document" in women..." love banks". In black and white, it means an archive where emotional deposits are harnessed such that adequate responses are given to each deposit as they accumulate.
Just the same way you deposit money into your bank account, you are very sure that you can always go to your bank and withdraw any amount you want as long as you have funds to match...however the effect of an empty bank account  is obvious. Even if you choose to live in the assumption of having sufficient funds, you will receive an error message. This is the same when it comes to a marriage relationship.

I would like to ask Men, how much of your wife's needs do you know?  Have you noticed that when women are very angry, it takes just little to get them out of that mood if the man knows exactly the right botton to press. Women only need tender loving care. In my opinion,  money is secondary.  After all, what is money without emotional satisfaction? 
So men, you need to know how much withdrawal you make from your wife's love bank. Women are givers by nature and men tend to take advantage of their giving  nature.

You do not expect to deposit a little and expect more love, support, affection,  trust etc from your wife. When you have not invested your sincerity, love, passion, time, understanding and all that is relevant  to a great marriage, and expect your wife to be all that for and to you.  If you eat all your cake, do not expect to have it. Men should be able to look right through their wives.  Women are strong supports and can and will give their all when they see that their husband have given their all in the marriage.

How often do you appreciate your wife, your help meet,your back bone? Remember that before you met her, you could hardly find your feet. Her presence in your life brought about your open doors. Can I get a witness. I have met a lot of men who tell me that immediately they met their wives, their lives took a great turn.

So our dear men, you have found a good thing, and have obtained favour from GOD just as the scriptures confirm. This good gift you have found can transcend to a better and the best gift ever in your life, only if you invest in making strong, timely, simple, relevant, needful deposits that will translate into great wealth for you.


Ajepe Baba said...

SURE,wife is a good investment in mens life....Teach us oh lord.

Chinemerem Ifeoluwa said...

I am thrilled when I see men who understand this mystery. Thank you Ajepe for your comment. Well appreciated.