Saturday, 27 December 2014


To complain is to utter expressions of grief or lament, censure or resentment, to mumur or to find fault. To complain is to let a problem dominate your conversation as a person, to criticize, to groan, to nag, to whine...

The Bible tells us to do all things without complaining or disputing. If you are not careful, you will live life complaining and nagging about everything due to the pressure that comes from the environment. When you live your life that way you will get results that you never bargained for. God's prescription is for you to live life above complaining because it hinders your expected fulfilment in life. 

The Israelites, as they journeyed from Egypt through the wilderness they continuously complained over one issue or the other. Constant complaints reveals your level of immaturity and blinds you from seeing the opportunities that you should explore because every life challenge is a design to make you a better person. 

Our Life: Many complain about various aspects of life or their circumstances. People complain about everything...rain, sun, cold, hot weather, traffic, baby boy, baby girl...everything. Remember, life will get better when you change your disposition and stay positive.
Our Lover: It's amazing that lots of married people complain about their relationships and spouses. Some complain about their children. Yet those you are complaining to are just praying for a little of the good things you have received in your life. A faulty marriage is the surest way to a miserable life. Brace up and work out your marriage. 

Our Labour: When you accept a job, God expects you to give it your very best. When you complain, it reveals the flaw in your character. A job you prayed and fasted for, now you are no longer thrilled by it. When you stop complaining, you take away the siege of darkness over your life and guess start shinning, you start glowing because you understand the power of gratitude, expectation, and faith.

Please quit complaining....and start shinning....

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