Monday, 29 December 2014


Change as often as it occurs in our lives remains a constant irrespective of our readiness to embrace that kind of change at that time in our lives. 
Most often than not, the changes tend to impose themselves on us by creating life circumstances that we are not ready to deal with. 
However,  changes do happen and our state of mind goes a long way to determine how we respond or react to the new things that spring up as outcome of changes we are faced with. 

When preparation meets an opportunity,  there is a high tendency that success will be inevitable. In the same spirit,  it is always very important to expect and get ready for changes. Let me help you understand. Most people find  it hard to deal with expected or unexpected changes because they have not resolved the conflict between change and stagnation. They enjoy the routine, they do not adjust the itinerary,  the children attend the same school from start to finish,  same pattern of breakfast, same style of expressing affection...They continue with the old ways of doing things because they think the change will distort the already familiar process or simply complicate the process. This mindset naturally hinders the positive vibes that the change should bring because the primary receptor of the goodwill has a flawed perception. As  we are willing to embrace changes,  we expand our horizon and acquire more knowledge.  

Although we might not be completely aware of the activities before us that will most likely bring changes in our lives, it is important that we prepare for the ones we anticipate.  Preparing for changes will help us see the grey areas and make necessary adjustment that will help us manage the changes in a more mature and diplomatic way.  


Ajepe Baba said...

Thank you my sister for this post, I guess this is for me ! orthers can be helped as well.

Ajepe Baba said...

Today is my Birthday, Iam 55, There are Preparation to move in to New Area of Responnsibility..Gods willing.

Chinemerem Ifeoluwa said...

Thank you for making out time to comment. well appreciated.