Monday, 8 December 2014


A colleague and I had a debate on the issue of a single lady owning a car and it really was a very big one. Having spent so much on taxis,  She is considering  buying a car before the end of the year. But she has a very big challenge on that. She said that her parents advised her seriously not to ever do that, because they are of the opinion that the car will drive men or better put, suitors away from her. She even concurred and gave me instances about some single ladies that she knows that own their cars and are finding it difficult to get married, because the men are scared of them. I could not relate to that at all. Seriously? How could that be? Unless the ladies have been meeting the wrong ones. Well, I told her that those reasons are false, because, owning a car to me is a necessity not a luxury, especially in some big cities where transportation is on the high side. After much debate on that, I was able to convince her to go ahead and buy her car and live her life. I do not think that it is a crime for a single lady to own a car for some genuine reasons? What do you guys think? Remember that this is a platform where we share knowledge. Your idea can go a long way to meet someone's need. Please share your thoughts. 

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