Saturday, 27 December 2014


To be a parent(s), you must have made up your mind to stand up for your right as a parent. A lot of people will want to tell you how you have not been a good parent because of their own ideology of parenting. An adage says, "all the five fingers are not the same". This means that we are all unique, likewise our children. You do not expect your elder child to have the same temperament as your second or last child. You must ensure that you have made up your mind to be a strong parent(s), who understands that raising up a child or children is a life time investment, and as such, needs your devoting your time, energy, enthusiasm, wisdom, and above all prayers into the life of your child(ren). From my research, here are a few of my findings why parents need to be firm while raising their children:

Emotional Stability: When parents are emotionally stable, they will be able to understand the state of their children. They will be able to decipher by a mere look at the child if the he or she is okay or not. Being emotionally stable is being able to be in control of your negative feelings or circumstances. You need not to always let your children see you cry all the time, you will end of raising children who are emotionally deranged. You do not want to raise children who are less confident of themselves. When your children see you cry, they will feel helpless and defenceless. You are supposed to be their hero as they look up to you at all times. Do not fail them by always letting them see you cry or scream or shout or curse. Learn to control your emotion as parents, by so doing, you will raise children who are stable emotionally.

Balance your friendship and your discipline: Your children will be free to open up to you when they know that there is a certain level of friendship that exists between them and you, their parents. You will know exactly what is going on in their lives. They will trust you enough to let you in about their feelings and more. But, it is very important to let your children know who is in charge. Do not become too lose with your children that you cannot even say a simple "no" to them just because that "bridge" between you and your children have been closed, so they do not recognise you as parents, rather they see you as pals. Be friends with your children and at the same time, be firm. Let your children know that there is a thin line between you as their caring, loving, understanding, playful parent and a strict parent who will not turn a blind eye to a certain negative behaviour.

Earn a living: Children are gifts from GOD and as such deserve to be given the best. As parents, since we took it upon ourselves to bring in a child or children into the world, we must ensure that we have something doing to earn a living to be able to take care of our children. Do not let your children become vulnerable because their parents could not provide for them. There is no such confidence than when a child knows that his/her parents are capable of providing the basic needs for them; such as, a good education, a good living and learning environment, text books, etc. Children do not need much to be excited or comfortable, you only need to let them know that they can rely on you. You do not need to be the wealthiest person on earth to be able to give your children a comfortable upbringing. All you need is to have something that earns you a living and most importantly, being able to save for the rainy day.

Wisdom: The scripture says anyone who is need of wisdom should come ask. It takes great wisdom to be firm as parents while raising your children. This is very important because wisdom is profitable to direct. As parents, all we need to achieve our goals of raising godly children is wisdom in all that we do. Let us ask GOD for wisdom to be able to handle each unique child the way that will help them a d not break them. With wisdom, you will find out that parenting can be as easy as you want it to be. With wisdom, you will be able to find a ways to solve some seemingly difficult situations regarding your children.

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