Monday, 15 December 2014


Our job as parents is to train up our children well, give them the best, provide the right environment and also nourish them. Let us know that children are like seeds that came in a packet without label,  and as such we parents need to plant them, water them, prune them, feed them with the right nutrients and ensure  they grow well without them getting chocked with weeds and thorns.  The love we have for our children is unconditional.  That is love without any string attached. Love that came from no efforts of theirs at all. We even loved them before we set our eyes on them. As parents,  let us  

Appreciate our children no matter their weakness,  which could be a sign of strength at the long run. 

Help them overcome these weaknesses by helping them and showing them love.  

Make your child feel understood and accepted. Do not always be in a hurry to pass judgement on your child. Always give your child room to explain him/herself. By so doing, you will gain  the trust of your child.  

Reconnect,  emphasise and as well address your child's behaviour. 

Manage your anger. It takes daily practice though, but very rewarding. 

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