Thursday, 8 January 2015


Mothers have great influence over their children, and this huge influence plays a key role in determining the outcome of a child's life.

As you may be aware, most people who we celebrate as authorities in their field gave credits to their mothers for being their primary source of motivation and inspiration. Look at the likes of: George Washington, who was the first president of the United States of America,  we are told that his mother was pious; Sir Walter Scott, who was a Scottish historical novelist, playwright and a poet, his mother was a lover of music and poetry. But it were not so in the case of Nero Caesar. He was a Roman Emperor. He was one of the most despicable characters on the stage of human history and one of the most infamous men that ever lived. He was cruel and merciless, and we are told that his mother was a murderess. This list goes on.

"A mother's life is like a mirror with which the children look  at themselves"(quote from me). When you look into a mirror, does the person on the other side of the mirror impress you?  That is how a mother's life is to her children- when the children look at the life of their mother,  it is what they see her do that they will emulate- whether good or bad- it's as simple as that. If it were not so,  how be it that when children are well behaved, disciplined and generally good, people give credits to their mother, but if otherwise, the mother is blame? This is a responsibility only GOD has answers to and it cannot be questioned. 

That is why a mother figure is important in the growing up of a child or children. As mothers,  let us wake up to this call and know that we have a big role to play in ensuring that we raise Godly children who will give glory to GOD and make this world a better place. 

Mothers need to be careful with the information they feed their children. The children know and absorb whatever they learn from their mother.
It could be character, honesty, temperance, kindness, hard work, love, positive attitudes or meanness, bitterness, hate and any negative attitude. An adage says"It is the world you let your children into that they will grow into.

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при этом вы должны быть в размышление о мудрости маме