Friday, 23 January 2015


One day, when I was about five, I told my grandfather a lie. It was not a very black lie. My grandfather asked our gardner to bring a long ladder and place it against the front of the roof. When the ladder was firmly in place he said to the gardner, "Our boy has taken to leaping from housetops. The ladder is for him to use when he so desires. "I knew at once what this meant, for one of the proverbs in our distinct was: "A lie is a leap from a house-top."

"I brooded in silence. It was awkward to have the ladder before the front door. I began to fear that it would be there forever if I did not do something.

I found my grandfather reading a book and I went quietly up to him and buried my face in his lap. "Grandpa," I said, "we do not need the ladder any more."

He seemed very happy. He called the gardner and said to him: "Take the ladder away at once. Our boy does not leap from house-tops. " I will never forget that incident.

Deceit breeds tension whereas honesty builds trust. Whether in word or in deed, if we have integrity our intent cannot be to deceive.

Excerpts from Everyday greatness by Stephen Covey. 

Just go ahead and tell the truth. You will feel freer, better, and more in charge. Neme

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