Friday, 30 January 2015


I believe it's the heart desire of vision driven people to advance and make progress in specific areas of interest. As we cultivate these desires in our hearts, it is important that we get ready to yield to the experiences that comes with a next -level increase. 

We celebrate our victories when we have our heart desires met, but on a second thought, those hearts desires have generated a next level challenge which we have to deal with at different points. For instance you were trusting God for a child, and now the child has come, you have celebrated the answered prayer but you have reduced hours of sleep, you are a bit stressed out, sometimes you wish you could hand the baby over to your mum and have some good sleep you know. The idea is this, the desire has been met, and the challenges are there to train you as you deal with them. 

My younger brother who has been enthusiastic about studying in the UK after going through the rigorous processes is now living  his dreams and has to deal with the challenges of attending classes every week day, reading long academic papers, doing critical writing and analysis, meeting deadlines,  dealing with the weather and everything that has to do with his new experience. 

The essence of this piece is to give us heads-up about the challenging component that comes with our next-level increase to enable us internally, emotionally and spiritually get ready to learn from that reasonable ideal. 

Rise above the norm!!!

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