Wednesday, 7 January 2015


Courage is the quality of a confident character not to be afraid or intimidated easily but without  being incautious or inconsiderate. There is a connection between courage and wisdom. Most importantly, courage can be displayed in heroic, visible ways, or in quiet, private battles we fight when attempting to conquer inner fears. 

In the journey of life, courage plays a very key role in helping us advance even in the midst of threatening circumstances. However, our display of courage not only reveals our state of heart but exposes our content of character. 

A couple of people have displayed courage in heroic and seemingly small or insignificant ways, because our stories and life experiences  have formed us to a very large extent. 
Having a deeper "yes" burning inside gives us the courage to fight and defeat fear and run towards "something better," including our dreams and the principles we stand for. 


Think of a specific situation in which you are currently involved that required courage. If you were to visualise yourself being courageous in that situation, what are some specific words you might use or actions you might see yourself exhibiting?
What are some of your common fears? What action have you taken to bring them down?

The essence of maturity is the ability to balance courage with consideration...that's where wisdom comes in. Is your courage tempered with good judgement and tact, or do people find your boldness obnoxious?

You deserve!!!

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