Friday, 23 January 2015


Do you want to get married because:

You are of age?
Your mates are getting married?
You want to run away from your parents strict discipline?
You want to have sex freely without feeling guilty?
You need a man to support you financially?
You are being pressurised to get married?
You cannot face some challenges alone?
You are lonely?
You are not getting any younger? and alot more wrong reasons

I believe these questions are very familiar. But I would like you to pause and reflect. Marriage is an institution of enjoyment not endurance (of pains, sorrow, bitterness to mention but a few). You need to get it right as to why you really want to get married, but definitely not for the above wrong reasons. 

GOD is the originator of marriage and the perfect match maker. So it will be wise if you consult HIM. Your marriage must be ordained by GOD before you can be assured that nothing can and will ever go wrong no matter what. 

Time to reflect!

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