Saturday, 31 January 2015


The only thing that stands between a man and what he wants from life is often the will to try it and the faith to believe that it is possible...
Richard M. De Vos, Billionaire Entrepreneur.

If you think more in critical terms, you will observe that your mind does not have to work very hard to believe all the negative stuff you think about yourself. It is an easier trend to believe you are not good enough, not able to trail- blaze, not to be accepted and all of those negative thoughts. 

You see, most of the improvements in your life come from changing the negative beliefs or thought patterns you have about yourself and your potential. Personal growth comes from changing your beliefs about what you expect you can do and about what is possible for you. 

The supremely confident person thinks, beliefs, and expects with every cell and fibre of their being that they will succeed and win in life. Self-doubters always expect to fail or lose or they simply stay neutral and accept what ever life offers to them. That is not the life of confidence. The call to be confident demands that you choose a path and decisively affirm that you will receive nothing short of that. Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! That is the confident person.

A lot of people do not like it when you are confident. Especially when they know your "history" and how they used to come to your aid. They feed you with negative affirmation and you have not bothered to ask yourself why? They want you to become cynical like them. They want you to lower your expectations so that you won't become disappointed. They make statements like "come on you need to be rational, you need to face reality, that is the way it works here, your expectations are too high, face the fact bro/sis..." 

People have defied the norm and have broken standards. People have achieved unfathomable greatness against all odds and if you listen to their story you will notice a consistent antecedents of confident affirmation even in the face of road blocks.


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