Tuesday, 27 January 2015


It takes a glowing bulb to attract night insects, just let your light shine and kings of all climes will locate you. Their coming to you is not limited by space, location or geographical propinquity; it takes your radiance to attract them. Shine all you can, that’s all you need to do.

Playmaking Techniques

BRAINSTORMING Creating Ideas 

EXTRACTING DRAMATIC POTENTIAL FROM THE STIMULUS MATERIAL Using given things to create and include in the performance 

RESEARCHING Searching for ideas to turn into scenes 

IMPROVISATION From the research and brainstorming creating scenes 

REHEARSING From the scenes, practicing what you have done

BLOCKING Running through the performance learning the order 

CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT After practicing and running through work on the characters

ROLE PLAY Playing other characters to work on your own 

SCRIPTING Make sure that each person knows what they have to say each time.
EDITING Work out which scenes don't really have an impact, and scrap them.

REFINING Putting the final touches on the scenes

REFLECTING Watching Back on the performance.

EVALUATING Writing about what worked and what went well in the performance. 

Culled from allthewordsthatinspire@gmail.com

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will the character that I will play will be a man that was called by the holy spirit to write and sing gospel songs, and my performance, i will practice on the songs that the LORD gave me to sing and the more that I sing, the more I will shine thank you