Friday, 20 February 2015


A lot of eyebrows have been raised as to how come the "drop outs" turned the table of life to face them as inventors,financial giants and leaders. You know, life as it is has a lot to offer those who dare boldly to distinguish themselves from cultural stagnation. 

I was sharing with a friend a few things I have discovered. He was perplexed when I told him that even the university curriculum doesn't educate you, it only inspires your mind to learn and search for knowledge. If you find this ideology questionable what do you think would be the possible rationale behind the "drop outs" who have defied the norm and have risen above the overview of their classroom teacher. 

Success and failure are neither accidental nor mysterious. It is principle based. The good thing is that these principles produce the same results irrespective of the race, gender, or societal status of the person who has engaged it. You are guaranteed to experience good success if you consistently put these principles into work.

I know we are aware of some of these people who either dropped out of school or didn't bother going at all but they have engraved their names in the sands of time. The rationale behind that norm breaking tendency hinges on universal timeless principles. Universal in the sense that it's not peculiar to any race or breed and timeless due to its consistency in producing results.

One of those principles is found in Prov:22 vs 29 which explicitly provides an answer to the questions that boggle the mind. Diligence is one of the timeless principles that has remained undefied. Diligent people will always be in the circle of influence because they engage in developing themselves to become problem solvers. 2 Timothy 2:vs 15 provides a "seekers guide" to achieving success. Studying to show yourself approved unto men, rightly dividing the word of truth. Very fundamental and self explanatory...

The successes we anticipate is founded upon these ideas. I reiterate that the school environment only inspires and exposes your mind to seek for knowledge. That knowledge is the self education and development you give to yourself that adds to the qualification. 

The ideal you is evolving!!!

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