Thursday, 5 February 2015


Marriage is a gift in itself. This gift is appreciated and meaningful when there is a consistent "kiononia" between both parties. "kiononia" is translated from the greek word "koivwvia"  which means "communication" or "joint participation" or "fellowship". All these definitions point towards one obvious direction...and in the marriage contest, it refers to a  consistent, meaningful, integration of couples. 

That was just to strengthen what you hopefully know about marriage. This bit is basically for men to be aware of what happens in a relationship where the husband doesn't listen to his wife. For instance, you just got back home from a long day at work and your wife starts talking about her day and all of the antagonistic experiences at work, frustrations with her boss, school run, and all of other things. Some how in the midst of her words, you pay less attention, get busy and uninterested. If you don't keep eye contact or get engaged in the conversation, she senses that you don't care and that you are thinking of something more important. 

Being a good listener saves your wife from becoming indifferent. This listening isn't only relevant in day-to-day activities, but in decision making processes. Women have a strong sense of discernment that when properly maximised does salvage or prevent unforeseen occurrences. 

Wives instinctively become distant and pull back when there is a feeling rejection. This feeling of rejection of course might not be overtly communicated but covertly through lack of attention and communication. Be observant and sensitive to the needs around her...this might be something you need to work ok. 

One of the ways wives handle or deal with a lack of communication (which incorporates attention), is to become indifferent. She withdraws her expectations from you, turns into emotional detachment.

Note that, the emotional vacuum will definitely be filled somehow by plunging into other sources of emotional strength from other significant orders and trust's not a good experience. 

Don't wait until things fall through the crass. Make the necessary adjustments that will save your marriage. 

Play your roles well. There's a whole lot of gain in doing so.

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