Tuesday, 3 March 2015


Hello friends,  I trust you all had a great day.  Mine was splendid. 

Just a little word for you. The world we live in is a very small place. And as such, be kind to people because you will always meet them somewhere,  somehow as long as you live on this planet. The super man today,  who is mean and full of himself, looking down on people and maltreating them,  could become as poor as a church rat, while, the ill treated one could become great tomorrow.  That is the irony of life.   So, if you are privileged to be in a position where you can be of help to people, kindly do so. Because an adage says "be kind to people you meet on your way up; because you might meet them on your way down". Show some kindness.  Forgive one another, apologise when you hurt someone, be thankful and live life to the fullest.

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