Friday, 6 March 2015


In dealing with people, learn to be wise. Do not be in a hurry to tell your life history to someone you barely know out of excitement. The more knowledge of you people know, they more you are at their mercy. 

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Laura Nwodo said...

Hmmm another tough one dear Neme. Well I think if you're fortunate to have a wonderful human being who possesses some rare and beautiful qualities as a friend, and you both are willing to overlook each other's faults then the friendship might last a long time and possibly stay for as long as you both( in this context :forever) however to me, after 7 years a friend can decide to walk away from your friendship for reasons best known to them, never a guarantee they will last a lifetime. This is my honest opinion.. Hopefully I will get to read what people have to say based on their own experiences :)X