Monday, 23 March 2015


Is it possible to enjoy a benefit so frequently that you begin to overlook its depth and impact in your life? Take a moment to think about what a typical day looks like for you and even without being very sensitive you will point out a variety of activities you engage in almost on a daily basis. Most of these activities have become part of us such that we don't need to trust anybody or even ourselves or exert so much energy of any sort to execute them. A friend of mine uses the expression "that's not a prayer point" to let me know that the task ahead is so minute that it can be done with less demand on intellectual dexterity. 

It's important that as we enjoy the daily benefits that come in the most simplified forms, we don't forget to remain thankful for them. Imagine you got up late this morning because you slept quite late given the antecedents of events over the weekend. You are getting ready for work, need to drop children at school, have a meeting at the office you didn't really prepare for over the weekend because your little girl was running temperature which you obviously needed to attend to her, and also take care of domestic needs. 

As you are driving down the major road, you look through your rear mirror and see this gigantic truck coming behind you with speed, you look ahead of you and the traffic is gradually building...all of a sudden you heart begins to beat faster than its normal tempo...I think at that point, there is only one thing that matters to that point, you have just one desire which overrides the urgency of the meeting, the questions that haven't been answered, the needs that haven't been met, the un forgiveness we have held on to, the guilt and every form of energy we have built and that point, your greatest desire is for the truck to gently slow down behind you and when you have a moment you can change lane.

But come to think of it, what makes you think the truck won't run over you? What makes you think the tiny breaks will be able to hold the car from coming any closer? It's a combination of the faith and trust that we have. But wait a second...the truck finally stops and you are fine again...but you are not necessarily thankful...why? Probably because that's what you expect the driver to do. But what makes you think the driver is in the right frame of mind to do that? 

We need to be more thankful and grateful for the things we have and the experiences we have been exposed to. Don't become so used to enjoying the routine that it becomes of less importance to you because your attention is focused on bigger expectations. Let our daily expression be about appreciating what we have while we trust and anticipate goodwill at different stages of life. 

Live life in crescendo...

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