Monday, 27 April 2015


As we are working to achieve our life goals and live productively, we intentionally or unconsciously move in the direction of our dreams. 

Someone might begin to wonder how you unconsciously move in the direction of what you aren't aware of, or how do you achieve a goal you never set, or how will you realize that those dreams are met when you don't take time to organise and synchronise the connections that makes it possible. Here is the answer to your big question...Our thoughts are made up of the most powerful engines and mechanisms which create, develop, or form our most dominant thoughts into our real life experiences. 

A lot of people have through their thoughts, built mountains that stood against their life-long fulfilment and gains. The truth is this, whatever you'll receive from God requires your faith, and the only thing that makes you lose everything including your life is fear. 

These two factors have very strong spiritual backing as much as they move in opposite direction. 
Fear functions and gains root in our minds when we consent to a report or a circumstance that is contrary to the will of God for your life, while your grounds and territories are expanded when you decide to take another step in faith even when everything around you is giving you a thumb down. The intriguing part of both parallel spiritual factors is that they build up as we yield to them. 

It is very easy to play christianity and still remain bound in the shackles of fear induced reports. Do not allow your immediate circumstances to determine how you respond. The only report we need to hold on to is that which certifies us as more than conquerors. 

Stop the battle and struggle with yourself and align your life and thoughts to agree with the right path God has designed for you. Talking yourself down will keep you down; talking yourself up will get you on your feet again. 

Get back up again and this time...Live.

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