Monday, 13 April 2015


My mom thought my siblings and I how to say "thank you" no matter how little or big the gesture is. 

Most times, my spouse, my friends (colleagues) are surprised at how much of those magic words come out of my mouth at a very seemingly small gesture. Thanks to my mother. That is why it is important for mothers to know how much influence they have on their children. 

You can never be thankful enough my dear friend,  because you have no idea how much someone  out there needs care, but no one to come through for them. 

So, even if it is a piece of handkerchief, accept it with a cheerful heart and say "thank you ". GOD blesses a genuinely grateful heart. It pays to be thankful. 

Do not wait for the big things to be thankful! Start with the little! 

Have a beautiful week. 


Sharla Thomas said...

Im thankful for family and my hubby who has been with me through all my cancer treatments and surgery and my galbladder surgery so im very very thankful

Chinemerem Ifeoluwa said...

GOD bless you Sharla. Am thankful to GOD for your life. And HE will continue to preserve your life and that of you family. I appreciate your comment.

Laura Nwodo said...

I am thankful for the gift of life and the beautiful family God has blessed me with. I am also thankful to God for diverse healing he has given to my entire family. Thank God the air we breathe is free!!! lovely post.