Thursday, 16 April 2015


An open and a free flowing communication between couples is very vital in the realisation of a truly healthy and fulfilling relationship. Some couples find it difficult to enjoy even a minute or two of a cordial,  intimate, constructive,  insightful ,benefitting conversation with each other without ending up in a very serious argument.  

It is sad to know that the only time some couples enjoy free flowing communication is when they are in the midst friends. If you cannot communicate freely when you are dating, you can't either, when you are married. 

You and your mate should be able to feel a great contentment and fulfilment when you talk and share your feelings, opinions, plans, ideas etc. 

A relationship that lacks effective communication is always edgy and full of turbulence and would very likely not last. 

Set your priorities right and know what you want. Most times, the signs are glary, but we ignore them.

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