Tuesday, 14 April 2015


Have you taken time to critically evaluate the way you have lived since the beginning of this year? It is important that we spend some time to think about the activities we have given our time to and the things we have prioritised. 

Most often, we are not aware of how much we have limited ourselves either by being complacent or by engaging in the wrong activities; sometimes the wrong activities might not necessarily be illegal or immoral, but completely parallel to a purpose driven life.

The essence of this piece is to help us understand as well as think through what is really important in our lives. Life can be so engaging such that the demand for your time and attention will be on the high even to a point where priorities are misplaced. When there is a drift away from what is ideal, most often, it is not a sharp drift that impacts us harshly like the death of a loved one or loss of job, or any of such sharp drifts...but while we pay attention to the urgent things and leave out those things that are really important in our lives, little by little, we allow the trivial things to overrule the basic values and principles upon which the sustainability of our success thrives.

What is really important in your life? Have you properly aligned the things that are key in your life or do you attend to every call, listen to anything, believe anything, and allow your life to be swayed by the wind of doctrine? When your life is streamlined to respond to the fundamental things, you will most likely not find yourself at the wrong places for any reason what so ever.

Most of the stagnation people experience in their lives is as a result of energy focused on un-meaningful ventures, therefore leaving out the primary things that build the life fulfilling dreams. 

Re-chart the cause of your life by re-adjusting your priorities. When you have determined what is really important in your live on the premise of purposeful fulfilment in God, allocate the requisite timing and energy to it and see your life take a turn on the right compass of life.

Unquenchable dreams!!!

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Laura Nwodo said...

This is deep! loving every bit!!. thank you my dear Neme. xxx