Friday, 3 April 2015


It is important to know that GOD made man to be a provider and a giver. The man has been given the mandate to provide and care for his woman. Even though GOD made the woman to be a helper- and this scripture has been misquoted as most women are now taking too much of the men's responsibilities all in the name of help and leaving the men with little or no task at all. A lot of women engage in manual labour to make ends meet,  but in the beginning ,it was not so. And that does not mean that a woman should be lazy- absolutely not! A woman should be skillful, productive and should be able to offer wise counsels and support to her husband. That said.

Now here's the big question for my single friends who are hoping to get married someday.  You must be able to answer this question thoroughly to be sure you are with the right man.  

Is he much more of a taker than a giver? 

If his demands on your resources ( money, time, energy, intellect etc) or your body are more than he is willing to give back, then he is a very selfish person and does not love you regardless of  how much he claims to love you. 

The truth we all know is, true love is not selfish, true love gives, shares, sacrifices itself, it's time for the good of the other. 

So, If your answer is negative, then love yourself enough to save yourself from disaster.

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Laura Nwodo said...

Couldn't agree more! this is very practical. keep them coming dear Neme. xx