Friday, 10 April 2015


I hear people say,  "love alone does not hold or make a great marriage". If love (not lust) isn't the key to a marriage, I wonder what kind of relationship that would be. 

When love is the basis of your marriage,  you would not hurt your spouse (intentionally), you would treat your spouse with understanding and settle your arguement without having to drag it until it becomes irreconcilable, you would weather the challenges of life together,  without apportioning blame on the other, you would build a relationship that is based on true friendship. 

GOD is love and HE is the originator of marriage. And that should be your start off point if you truly want to enjoy the bliss of marriage. Love is all that matters. That is the weapon every couple needs to overcome challenges, except the marriage was solely built on lust, money and other material gains.

Do not pay attention to the lies that the world is trying to make true!

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Laura Nwodo said...

Another brilliant piece! What is Life without Love? Nice one dear