Saturday, 4 April 2015


As I was having my hot Cappuccino...with a smile on her face she asked me...what do you dream of? I paused to think about if for a moment and resolved to give a brief trail of my dreams. When I was a little boy, my dreams were centred on the girl I had a crush on...I always saw her in my dreams...we were always holding hands, running under the rain, playing games and innocently enjoying the company of each other. I remember a story book my mum had bought for me which I liked so much, she came across it and I didn't hesitate to hand it over to her...although she didn't ask for it. On my way home I thought of what I was going to tell my mum...hopefully she wouldn't ask and guess what? She never did...that was a safe landing for my young and innocent affection.   

As I grew older, my dreams changed...I started dreaming about the action movies I saw. I always saw myself pulling unusual stunts, doing major and minor acrobatics, and engaging in all forms of physical heroism. At different stages of my development, I have dreamt differently...probably not because I've changed, perhaps I have redirected my interests 

My dreams in recent years have ultimately changed as I dared boldly to define them as well as develop requisite skills that gives value to them. My dreams are no longer illusions and outcome of childhood crushes, but reflections of my thoughts with regard to the significant impacts I want to leave on the sands of time. Because I choose a part way that leads to light, I choose the kind of dreams I project. 

Dreams in reality are beyond the playout of our most dominant  thoughts as we go to bed, but our innermost convictions about our primary assignments born out of the discovery of purpose. 

Discover it!!! Live it!!!

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Laura Nwodo said...

powerful inspirational! I won't stop dreaming and I will keep seeing the bigger pictures which I know for sure God can bring to reality through me and every other element he decides to use. Awesome!!!