Friday, 10 April 2015


I remember an incident that happened at my former place of work, when  a colleague treated me very badly.  I felt so bad because i did not expect it from her. But later the same day, one of my colleagues came to me and told me to forget about what happened and never let that bother me.  She also told me something that really helped me all through my stay in the job. She said before she leaves her house,  she prepares her mind to face any challenge and that she doesn't expect human beings not to be human. That really helped me, though it was not easy,  but I was able to learn how to deal with situations without having to fall out with colleagues or allow myself to get hurt.

It does not matter how good you are, people will always step on your toes. Do not expect people to spare you because you have a good nature. Sometimes, people would intentionally want to hurt your feelings. Do not let yourself lose to negative opinions and suggestions. 

The Bible says " we should be as wise as a serpent and as harmless as a dove". That means, you can be good and still be firm, not lose or vulnerable to people.

People will always treat you the way you let them.

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