Friday, 28 August 2015


Hello friend, it is true you have made a lot of mistakes and yes, most of all, you are not proud of yourself. You are wondering how "you of all people" could fall for those tricks, lies, deceits or why you did what you did. Oh...I should have known better you'd said, but I tell you what, the truth is, I have come to realise that as a child of GOD, nothing just happens! 

Every mistake is an eye opener and a raw material in the hands of GOD to mould you into a perfection of beauty. To someone out there who does not believe this, I encourage you to know that beauty is not being "mistake-free", but in reflecting light through it all.

Believe it or not, as hard as it may seem, GOD's got a plan! If GOD could open your eyes to see what HE is up to, you will be shocked that HE had it all planned out in the first place to make a name for HIMSELF in your life! In your mistakes lie your strength and your discovering new grounds! 

I do not think that GOD closes HIS eyes to HIS childrens' challenges without having a powerful plan to back it up! GOD is a powerful brain worker! We all are a "work in progress" and we do not need to dwell on our mistakes or brag about them. 

So, why not keep your fingers crossed and watch HIS next moves! That is why HE is GOD, let HIM do the polishing. 

Keep doing the right thing! Keep believing! Keep speaking life into your life! Happy weekend folks.....xoxoxo

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