Saturday, 15 August 2015


Oriflame is a Swedish company with over 48years of proven reputation for great products; natural cosmetics, skin and body care, perfumes, hair care and makeup. Oriflame combines the benefits of nature, scientific research and SPF to give you unequalled result of smooth, glowing, moisturised, younger looking body & protection from harsh elements & sun rays. Give your body the undivided attention it deserves. With NATURE, you can't go wrong! Trust me! 

Hey there!!!!Here are my collections, place your order now!!! It's classy! It's trendy! It's sassy! It's affordable!!! 

FEMININE FRAGRANCES: Stand out with these exotic scents only nature's diversity can provide. 50ml at N6,000 each.  Please call 08029714142 to place your order. You can also email me at for more enquiries. 

FIRE(Oriental Fruity), ICE(Floral Watery), AIR(Floral Fruity): Great fragrances in 3 different twists that meet your preference. 30ml at N3,000 each . Call 08029714142 to place your order. 

GOIRDANI MAN: Experience this charismatic masculine luxury in Italian style. Call 08029714142 to place your order. 

Lovely, wondrous, delicate perfumes for women of discerning. 50ml. From N5,000-N7,500. Pls, contact 08029714142. for yours now.

Reward yourself with an empowering scent that exudes masculinity.50ml-75ml. N5,000-N6,000. Pls, contact, 08029714142. on how to get yours.

Men' Collection: Spicy, Woody, Adventurous, find your innermost spirit with these perfumes meant for champions. 75ml. @N5,000-N6,000 only. Please call 08029714142. Or email, for yours now.

Pure Skin: Has blackheads, acne, pimples taken over your face? Take the reins again with these face regimen that works. Only @ N1,590 each. Pls, contact, 08029714142, 07066325033 or email at for more details.

Oriflame Essentials will Cleanse, moisturize, nourish and keep your skin hydrated for a radiant flawless skin. 75ml-150ml N1,290 - N1,490. Pls, contact, 07066325033, 08029714142, for details.

Essentials Fairness is your solution for a fairer, brighter, mattified but hydrated and nourished skin. Try it today. N1,290 - N1,490. Pls, contact, 08029714142/ 07066325033. For more details.

Ladies, let your lips do the talking with these long wear, luminous satin finish in warm & exciting colours from Oriflame for only N1,390. Call, 07066325033/08029714142, for yours now.

Ladies, add VOLUME & LENGTH to those gorgeous lashes with this mascara for that seductive look. Features: waterproof, lash-grabbing brush for super separation. N1,790 - N1,990. Pls, Call, 07066325033/08029714142

Foundation. Face Powder: Get wonderfully flawless skin, banish oily shine with an even finish now. Plse contact, 08029714142, 07066325033 or email at for yours.

Double End eye pencil, Eye liner stylus, Bold impact Kajal, Glossy lips in several lovely colors. Pls, call 07066325033/08029714142, for more details.

THE ONE Nail Polish: long-lasting, high coverage in latest shades for even, chip & fade resistant color for 14 days. N1,390. Pls, contact, 08029714142.

Oriflame Eye shadows: Ladies, let's go! Be daring; Wake up your eyes with these intense, bold, creamy palettes. N1,790. Contact 08029714142, 07066325033. for yours now. Don't be left out!

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