Saturday, 19 September 2015


Hey parents, av got something for you. Our duties are to always give our children the best, help them, teach them, provide for them, ensure that they are well taken care of and so on...but sometimes, let us learn to assign responsibilities to our kids and you will be amazed at how well they have learnt from you....ain't you glad to hear that? 

So, I came across this article, simple ways you can build a closer bond with your children, and thought I should share with you. No knowledge is a waste. We keep learning and discovering new ways to raise and build our children up with ease to become who GOD has created them to be:

Let them choose
Let them decide
Let them pick
Let them take you on an adventure
Let them tell you stories
Let them read their favourite book to you
Let them tell you about their interests while you listen intently
Ask them questions about their favourite things
Let them pick out a meal and help cook it
Let them teach you something
Let them tell you jokes
Play their favourite games
Let them talk and talk and talk

Be careful to not be insulting to them or what interests them

Try not to be easily distracted

Be encouraging and correct them with love

Plan for the time to spend with them, do not shorten it.

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