Monday, 28 September 2015


Years ago, in Northern Nigeria, a middle-aged man who attempted to sell his six month old daughter for six million naira (38,000 dollars) was arrested. When questioned, the man admitted to committing the offence but confessed to doing it due to poverty. The police officer that pretended to be a buyer, took the man and the baby into his private vehicle under the pretext of going to pay the man, but instead, drove them straight to the police station. A similar experience of a child that was eaten due to a great famine (poverty) is also recorded in (2 Kings 6:28-29). 

Hmmm..what do you sell in order to get money?  Or what are you selling in order to get money? Some sell their quality time with GOD because of their career or business. Some sell spending time with their family because they are so consumed with pursing money that they lose what matters most in life. Some compromise their integrity, sell their consciences, while some are selling their bodies because of the siege of poverty. 

My dear friend, no matter the situation or even in the midst of general world economic declines, insist that YOUR CASE IS DIFFERENT! Speak to your situation that "The LORD is my shepherd. I shall not want". Stay with GOD and do not give in to the temporal negative situations. I said temporal because they do not last, only tough people with tough faith do! Refuse to be chained by the evil desires to get money. Let us look up to only GOD, because HE is the only source of getting wealth. 

Enjoy your week and stay positive and in control!  You will make it!

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