Friday, 2 October 2015


"If you are not going to maintain a garden, do not plant one".

A lot of people have ventured into tasks without seeing them to a finishing. Either they tried to copy someone or they just wanted to follow the trend and not feel left out or they just did not know what they were venturing into. It is wise that we look before we leap. Ask questions, dig deep, find out facts about what you are about to venture into- no matter what it is. It is always wise to get clarity in anything at all we want to do in life. 

So if you are not ready to finish a race, do not start one.  If you are not ready to finish a house, do not lay a foundation. If you are not ready to maintain a friendship, do not make one. If you are not ready to be patient, love, respect and understand your spouse whom you'd declared all your love and loyalty to, do not get into it and mess him or her up. 

Bottom line is, whatever you want to get into, make sure you have all the facts so that you can decide on ensuring that you make it to the finish line! Do not walk and run blindly! Enjoy the month of October! 

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