Saturday, 3 October 2015


Martha Stewart is an American business magnate, media personality, author and magazine publisher. 

During her glorious days, she published a variety of cookbooks and authored many newspaper columns, magazine articles a day other pieces on homemaking. In 1990, she developed a magazine, "MARTHA STEWART LIVING," where she was editor-in-chief. Circulation eventually spiked to more than two million copies per issue. 

NOTE: get ready to be envied when your success is announced, but if your trust is in GOD, no evil plan against you shall succeed.  

So, it happened that all of this success came to a crashing halt in early 2004 when she was convicted of lying to investigators about a stock sale using insider trading (and thereby avoiding a loss of more than $45,000). Martha Stewart served five months in a West Virginia federal prison camp. Most experts speculated that her career was over, but they were wrong! 

Straight out of incarceration, Martha began her comeback! Amazingly, she returned her company to profitability again, by 2006. She introduced lines of ready- made home furnishings and mass market interior paint. She came back to television, re-inventing the Martha Stewart show and released a book during this time as well. She definitely did not let a prison sentence get in her way! 

Indeed, if GOD was to judge us, we will all be ex-convicts! Yes! Yes! It is not what happens to a man, but what happens in that man that counts! Get ready to bounce back! It is not over yet! Have a blissful October! 

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