Friday, 16 October 2015


Growth is a blessing! 

No one gives birth, and as lovely and tender a new born is, do not expect it to grow. 

Growth is a command from GOD, when HE said to us, "be fruitful and multiply". You may have been known to behave and act in a certain way, which probably might have been hard for you to deal with, even in your marriage, and you want to experience a more peaceful and hassle-free time always with your spouse, you need to truly get rid of those ways that make you look insane, even when you are not! 

Ask the HOLY SPIRIT to help you and HE will. You will find out that those things that naturally would piss you off, do not any longer. That's growth! 

It does not mean you will turn a blind eye as some advisers would advise! That's not healthy at all!

Try to deal with a situation differently, and you will get a totally different response! 

Dare to grow up! Stop saying "that's who I am, ask my mother or my father or my siblings". 

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