Saturday, 10 October 2015


Something that has helped me in life, in spite of situations and circumstances that seemed impossible, is the fact that "I choose always to win even in the worst situation!"

In fact, I see the winning before it comes. I settle it In my spirit before I even start seeing the results manifest! That is that stubborn part of me that never says never! So, this Is not a fallacy or something that someone told me that I am not even sure if it works. This is what works for me on a daily basis. 

As long as you are alive, you are in a race! You either win or lose and I know we all go with the winning! Nobody wants to be a failure or a loser. 

And the truth is, if you do not see the end results of your plans before executing them, you will be vulnerable to the challenges that you might face climbing up! But if you see your success as you plan your goals, with the help of GOD, you will be insurmountable! Nothing will move you! You will keep at it, no matter what! 

So, finish before you start! Settle it first in HIS presence! Begin that journey as a finisher! Begin that battle as a conqueror! Begin that business as a success story! Have a great weekend! 

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