Tuesday, 20 October 2015


Did you know that what you have is actually enough for you to have a great harvest? 

You must know that GOD has deposited on everyone greatness; and no matter how little you feel you are, may I remind you that "a drop of water makes an ocean." 

Why not keep working on  that seemingly small thing you have in your hand? Whatever it is, do not give up on yourself! 

Remember the woman of Zarephath? Hear what she said, (am paraphrasing) I only have hand a handful of meal and a little oil. BUT that was all that GOD needed to multiply her resources.

A lot of people are getting frustrated by the day, because they are not like others. They feel they are not doing what others are doing to succeed. GOD doesn't need anyone's permission to bless whomever HE wants to bless. All HE needs to see in you and I is faithfulness to the little things HE brings our way! 

What do we do with what we have in our hands? Everybody is not a hustler, you do not need to be like "Jack" to succeed. GOD can visit you in that little thing you are being faithful with! That is how GOD works! So instead of trying to be "Jack of all trades", why not find out what GOD really wants you to do? Why not be faitthful with that little thing HE has put in your hands?

Learn to Believe in GOD; Believe in yourself; Believe  that something good will happen to you! 

Linda Ikeji does not have any other source of income; she just blogs!  Yet, she is the richest blogger in Nigeria!

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