Monday, 30 November 2015


I always tell myself that I may not be there yet, but I am closer than I was yesterday! 

The truth is, if we are facing the right direction, all we have to do is to keep walking!

A lot of people are desperate for change and are wishing for opportunities that will bring forth that desired change. 

Robert Louis Stevenson said, "They say opportunity knocks....well I say not everything that knocks is an opportunity, I'm looking through the peephole first". So let us be careful to look through before welcoming any opportunity because of fear of failure!

The best story is the story of a man who fell and got up to stand strong. Your story cannot  be outstanding if everything in life has been smooth. 

The failures you have will jump-start you to success! Sir Philip Green went through four business failures before making his first million at the age of 33. 

Forget the failures of the past. The life of great men/women has many beginnings. If you failed, begin again! Do not write yourself off!

Saturday, 28 November 2015


The world will either pity you or envy you! Which one would you prefer? 


Friday, 27 November 2015


"I have missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I have lost almost 300 games. On 26 occasions, I have been entrusted to take the winning shots and I missed. I have failed over and over and over again in my life. And this is why I succeed." 

It does not matter how many times you have failed, as long as you do not quit, you will be next to tell your story! Be inspired! 

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Thursday, 26 November 2015


Each day is a blessing!  We do not need to wait for a particular set day to  be thankful. Let each day of our lives be filled with thanksgiving! 
May GOD to whom all thanks is due be praised forever in JESUS Name! Amen!!! 
Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


With the holidays approaching, we all have the high tendency to procrastinate, even when we have so much to do! In fact, the work that used to be easy has suddenly become more demanding to get around with.. Am i speaking someone's mind? We want to make excuses, by engaging in something else. But guess what, the work keeps piling up! Procrastination is not healthy at all, you will agree with me! 

We cannot expect to finish our work well, be productive, improve on ourselves, even our health most importantly, when we keep procrastinating. We need to get rid of the negative habits that lead us to procrastinate in the first place.

What is that you want to accomplish? You must focus on all the positive things that are going to happen when you succeed! 

When you believe you can do something, and you visualize the positive things that will come from succeeding, you equip yourself to accomplishing your desired results. Easier said than done right? But let us give it a try- let us push ourselves! You will be amazed at how much you are capable of achieving- just because you tried- you gave yourself a chance!

With this thought, you get your mind focused in the right direction. There is absolutely no need to worry  about everything going wrong when you have set your mind in the right direction- to succeed! Worrying only enslaves us, and makes us to doubt ourselves.

So why not get started! Engage in your work without fear, make up your mind to succeed, finish up! Having the right mind set makes life a lot easier, no matter the task!

Know that fear only occurs when you are not ready! 

I keep telling myself, I will make it!
#TeamNemerulez we will make it! See you at the top!



Someone once said, "If you do not feel excited about your relationship;  you do not always think about your partner, plan for the future or sacrifice for the relationship, your commitment level is low."

I totally agree! My mom told me that, to make a relationship work, your commitment must be unequivocal- meaning that you have clearly and undoubtedly made up your mind concerning the relationship- no hanky panky games! It takes a high level of maturity and spiritual discernment to understand the principles and sacrifices of marriage! 

Lack of commitment to your relationship will only sap life from it! If only one partner is committed to the relationship, it will not succeed! No matter how much you are ready to sacrifice for the success of the relationship, if your partner does not support and encourage your efforts, everything you do will eventually be wasted! 

If you are the one struggling, sweating and fighting to keep your relationship alive, you have become a slave to your partner. Obviously, he/she is not interested in real, genuine commitment or apparently he/she was forced into the relationship! 

Be careful who you end up with! Your future depends on your marriage! 

Wednesday, 25 November 2015



Congratulations Tuface! Keep inspiring the world! 

Nigeria Ingenious Musician, Tuface Idibia, in the company of his wife Annie, was honoured by HRH Bagudu Galadima of Kudendan Kingdom, in Kaduna today, the 24th of November, 2015 with the chieftaincy title, Tafindan Kudendan, which means Ambassador for peace,while his wife was crowned as Matan Tafida. The ceremony took place at the Kudendan palace. See photo of Tuface and his wife: 

Happy and excited Annie, shared her joy on her instagram page. See below:

Photo credit: @annieidibia1 instagram handle

Tuesday, 24 November 2015



I have come to realise that problems are strong motivational force! They make us discover our true selves, our importance, that is if you truly accept that the situation you are in is not your final bus stop- if you do not give up! They enable us value those close to us. So never be intimidated by problems. We have our GOD given abilities to deal with situations. Think about it this way; you are a solution to problems- to someone's problems. Have a beautiful night rest friends.

Monday, 23 November 2015


You can walk with respect even when you have past failures. Your past will never define you if you do not let it! It is not what people say about you that makes you different. It is what you say about yourself, and what GOD has said about you that really matters! 

Just because someone called you "names" does not mean you have to act like that or that is who you are! Be sure to know this, the content of your heart matters a lot to however far you want to go in living the life you desire! 

The past is a terrible place to dwell on, I must tell you. Yes you failed, but that does not mean the end of the world for you. Leave the past behind you and forge ahead dear friend! Your past does not define you! 



Happy wedding anniversary to my husband and I!!! It has been a great journey and I give GOD all glory for HIS mercy thus far!

I want to share with you something very important, and I hope someone gets the message. 

It is very important to know that it is not enough that a man loves you or is crazy about you. But that you equally love him too. Some women assume that the issue of whether or not a woman loves a man is inconsequential. They believe that all that matters is that as long as the man they date and marry is capable of taking care of their needs and that he loves them, then their lives will be as sweet as ever. This is not completely true, especially in our world today! 

From my research, most of the women I spoke with agree with me that those who thread this line of thought are actually ignorant of the reality of their reasoning and surely do not know the difference between waking up, day after day and year after year, beside a man you do not love or you are just tolerating and waking up and spending your entire life with a man who makes you glow, sparkle and come alive when you are together. 

I am also sure that you will agree with me that dating a man who loves you and whom you love is far better than being with a man you are just tolerating- may be because he meets your material needs.

Dating and getting married to a man who loves you and whom you love back will make the journey of marriage an easier, sweeter and happier one! 

What is your opinion? Please kindly share your thoughts...will appreciate it. 

Sunday, 22 November 2015


Some people want to be applauded, but have you asked yourself, to whom the applause benefits, you or others? 



May I remind you that there is a difference between selfishness and self love. Self love is knowing your worth and value as a human being and accepting yourself for who you are. 

There are certain things about yourself you may not like. You may not like your face, hair, nose, head or your forehead, the size of your breast, your weight and so on. But if you want to live in peace, you must accept your body and yourself just the way you are. 

No matter how much people admire you, if you do not love yourself, you will never see how beautiful you are or you will never accept yourself the way you are! 

Years ago as a teenager, I battled with the lies of thinking I was not beautiful enough and It was a big deal whenever I received compliments from people. But when I began to pay more attention to myself, I began to realise that I am not just beautiful, but wonderfully and beautifully made for a divine purpose! You too can! 

Ignore the trend, the make beliefs and embrace yourself. Learn to love yourself. It is easier for you to find true love/love well when you love yourself. Can you do that? Can you take out some time and discover who you really are? Life will be a lot easier for you when you love yourself, no matter the challenges! 

Saturday, 21 November 2015


21st November is here! Happy beautiful, glorious, victorious birthday to me, Chinemerem! Phew! What can I say? It's been GOD all the way! 

I am a living proof of GODS grace and mercy! I am so so so blessed! Thank you LORD JESUS for being so good and kind to me! 

Here is  me saying, I am here on earth for a very long long long long time, fulfilling my purpose! There is no place at the back for me! I am above only and not beneath. I am the head and not the tail! I am a shining light! I shine so brightly. Nothing can and will stop me from fulfilling GODS purpose for my life!  I am lifted! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

Friday, 20 November 2015



A few days ago, I carefully listened to Julius Agwu's interview, one of Nigeria's ingenious comedians, and he made striking comments about friends and his experience with people he thought he had built some connection with overtime...after his analysis he came to the resolution which communicated his strong paradigm shift.

Apparently, he became aware that people he thought were his friends were only but colleagues. I was emotionally triggered as he shared his major concerns, but I was also inspired to think differently...and as well share my thoughts with you. 

Think about this carefully...who are your friends? I should have asked this second question first but anyways...what is your definition of friendship? 

Well, given the dynamic move in moral and ethical standards, it seems that the definition of friendship has become relative and people have their personal criteria for measuring or defining what friendship is. But inspite of these notions, there is still a friend that sticks closer than a brother! Good and loyal friends still exist, though few. So if you find one, keep and cherish it. Do not play on your friend, that one true friend! 

Most importantly, it is wise to build strong connection and friendship with your spouse...and your children! This thought can never be overemphasised. Think about it...

Thursday, 19 November 2015


Nemerulez Blog is one year today!!!! I am deeply grateful to GOD for helping me keep up, even when I had all the reasons to quit! GOD'S word is indeed true when HE says, it's not by might neither is it by power, but by my SPIRIT says the LORD! 

Thank you LORD JESUS for bringing me thus far, and I know that you will continue to help me all the way! Thank you for making this day possible, because I have seen a lot of people who started blogging but could not continue! It is very discouraging to not have people encourage your work! I know how that feels. I am very grateful to GOD for the ones who came through for me; who stood by me, my ardent readers and my faithful followers- yes I have 418 followers- and 907,083 views! This is great! You guys are amazing and I couldn't have made it this far without your supports and encouragements. Thank you all! 

Nemerulez Blog is stronger and better. Just watch out for more great stuff. You care to join  this moving train? The choice is yours, because we are going places as surely as GOD lives! 

I also want to encourage you all, as long as you are doing the right thing, please do not quit! Even when you feel nobody is noticing your good work, I tell you what, i know how that feels, but do not quit! A worker, the bible says, must have his/her wages. GOD is seeing your work, and will prosper you in due time. So keep doing what you are doing! In fact, you are doing a great job! You are a winner!

More blessings to you all! Let us do this! Yes we can!!!! Nemerulez Blog has come to stay for a very long long time! Long live Nemerulez Blog! Long live my family and friends! Long live my great followers! Happy One Year Nemerulez Blog!!!!!!

Wednesday, 18 November 2015


The journey has not been easy right? I know....I can relate with your situation. Wasn't an easy road for me too, but what gave me hope to carry on was my dreams. I have so much I believe GOD has put inside of me, and in spite of getting bent over  by the situation i was in, I chose to see the brighter future.

Nobody cares about how you feel or what you are battling with right? Your actions are been misread and misjudged right? You wish someone will  see right through you, instead of assuming the wrong about you? You wish a miracle will just happen for you right now right? You are too tired of failed promises? You are too tired to make people see reasons with you? You are scared of setting that idea in motion because you are afraid it will not work out? The list goes on! But hang in there my dear friend, help is on the way. 

Choose to have some faith and believe! Keep hope alive. 

Most times, if not all the time, the most difficult part of any endeavour is taking the first step, making the first decision. But once you succeed in taking that bold step,  you will realise that it was not as difficult as it portrayed to be! 

Just to let you know that I feel what you are going through, and to encourage you to hang in there! You will surely experience that change you hunger for! Don't give up! Have a great evening folks! 


No one wants to intimately associate with fault finders who have cynical outlook to life. No one wants to make friends with people who complain all the time or who are negative in their approach to living! We all want positive people in our lives, isn't it? But you cannot attract positive people into your life if you are a negative minded person!


Tuesday, 17 November 2015


Just want to celebrate Mrs. Ihuoma Laura Nwodo, my adorable sister, wife and a mother. She is an epitome of beauty, strength, courage, determination. I admire her qualities, most is her ability to suck in challenges and beam you those beautiful smiles whenever you meet her. She does not allow challenges to take the best of her, or affect her relationship with folks. If she does not tell you her needs, you will never know she needs any. 
She is also a writer, a singer. You can follow her on her instagram @omashines for some amazing real life quotes. Cheers all.....and have a great evening. 


We make a living by what we get. And we make a life by what we give. Giving is a calling and not everyone has the liberty to give willingly.

Monday, 16 November 2015



Someone once said that, Fathers who lead their homes out of inner strength, produce daughters who like their femininity, because Dad is secure with them and relates to them as women, and as a result drawing out their femaleness. 

I agree! This is so true! And I will add by saying that if a father is egocentric, weak and distant, he will produce daughters who are unsure of themselves and insecure of who they are! The same with boys, who grow up without a strong father! They would start to engage in unhealthy activities to prove themselves as men and to gain the approval that a weak dad fails to give. 

This is the order of the day in most homes, whereby the duty of raising godly children are left for the moms alone! This should not be! I call it a perversion of the divine order, whereby a man leaves his ordained duty to his wife- practically giving up his office! Then he gets angry when GOD starts blessing the woman and equipping her with all the necessary resources she needs to carry out her "duties"! GOD does not joke with assignments, I have come to realise that! 

From experience, I have discovered that a strong, loving man awakens his wife's femininity! She feels affirmed and accepted and loved! She does not have to compete with no one! She is satisfied! 

Strong men inspire their wives to be secure in their personalities and in their contributions to life! 

See, when a man is secure in his identity, he frees his wife to be secure in hers! The woman can draw his husband's attention to something she feels could be done better, knowing that he will not feel threatened. She can have a different opinion, knowing that she will get a soft landing! 

The truth is, the man gains more when his home is in order! The man is always "in the field" and he needs all the sanity!

Sunday, 15 November 2015


A lady once shared her life experience, and her obsession of wanting to have a perfect image, by trying to become like the "perfect" images in the make-believe world. 

She eventually broke free from the destructive grip of her obsession. Here's what she said, I am actually paraphrasing ok, not quoting her word for word. 

Your obsession to be prefect will:

Keep you trapped in loneliness; to have a satisfying relationship, it must be built in honesty and openness. 

Force you to see your shortcomings as something to hide, instead of opportunities for growth.  

Prevent you from enjoying and appreciating what you are right now, and ensuring to becoming a better person. 

Rob you of the chance of making your life count, because by focusing on yourself, you will have nothing left to give to others!  

Search your soul, you find out who GOD has made you to be. It might seem dormant because it has not been in use, but it is not silent. Take your time and find out your you. 

A lot of people are trying to be perfect because they do not even know who they are. Get that? They just want to be in someone else's shoes without finding out their own size or whether they have the ability to create their own shoes! 


Anybody who ever beat the odds or made a difference, did it in spite of their fear! 

Do not ever get tired of hearing this. Fear has the ability to bring your vision to a halt! That is why I am passionate about letting people know they can overcome, no matter their situation; no matter their fear! 

You see, most of the great achievers will tell you how fear was a strong opponent to their visions, but they succeeded because, either they were desperate and felt like they had no choice,  or they were inspired by someone else's example, or they were angry at their situation, or they were moved by the need, or they did not even think much about it at all, in order not to change their minds. 

What is your case? What is driving you?  Are you tired of your situation? What are you waiting for? A feeling of courage?  Sometimes it doesn't ever come. All you need it to get on with your GOD-GIVEN ideas! Start! 

From my experience so far, I have learnt that you are only courageous when you do what is right- despite your fears! 

Friday, 13 November 2015


Keep some good news to yourself, and share only with your family. Stop making your family affairs public! Wisdom is profitable to direct. The truth is, the heart of man is desperately wicked! A word is enough for the wise!  From my Mentor. 


It is good to look after your outer self, but if you keep working only on these outer things, you will find yourself looking in the mirror to find your value! Haven't you seen people who went broke fixing up the outside and still be lonely and alone? Time to reflect! 


Thursday, 12 November 2015



Women have a strong work force. It is just how GOD made us. 

Imagine what we can achieve together as a church, as a nation, if we can channel our energy to supporting one another instead of gossiping and fighting one another. 

In the entertainment industry for instance, women are the highest fans. Women have the ability to go all the way! Women have an awesome strength. Another example is in a church where you have a strong women's group, the church's growth is inevitable. 

Ok, let me share with you my encounter some weeks ago. I was invited to this forum on watsapp, and most of them are women.  From time to time people shared their thoughts, but the day I posted just one link of one of my blog posts, some women, including the lady that invited me on the forum attacked me and told me not to advertise my blog on the forum that they do not want to be distracted. How could a beautiful message distract anyone? I was shocked to say the least. I could not believe it, but well I learnt my lessons still. 
Imagine if I got the support or encouragement of all woman on the forum.

Why can't women support one another and stop this whole competition or trying to outshine one another? Let us come together and support one another! There is no need to keep fighting ourselves

Photo credit: @darlenezschech instagram


Anyone ever heard of the name, Florence Chadwick? She was the first woman to swim from England to France in 1951. This also made her the first woman to swim the English channel in both directions, setting a time record each time. 

Guess what? She failed on her first attempt! She was only one mile away from her destination when she quit! What stopped her? A thick fog! When she saw the fog, doubts set in. She doubted her ability- that she will never make it. When she was pulled out of the water, she discovered she was just a mile away to actualising her set goal! she broke down and cried. But she did not quit! 

Instead, two months later, she tried again, though the thick fog set in, but she made it to Catalina! She set a new world record because she refused to quit! 

She overcame the fog (her fear), by seeing herself on the shoreline! 

What or who is telling you that you will never make it? Or are you the one telling yourself those lies? Take another look at the word, fear, it means false evidence appearing real. Fear is nothing! It is only a mirage! 

Florence overcame the thick fog (her fear) that prevented her from seeing that she was almost at the finish line at first! That's what fear does; it blinds you from seeing your potentials and how capable you are! It stands as a big obstacle to your life's fulfillment! 

Get rid of fear now! Yes you can! 

Wednesday, 11 November 2015



Most of the time in life we seek expansion in terms of increased capacity to either be who we want to be or live the kind of life that we have always wanted to live. 

One morning, my mind was prompted to think about a few things and those lines of thought inspired my awareness of how valuable and useful our small spaces are. We all have our unique capacities and most of the time, we look away from ourselves in search of what we think we do not have, while what we have remains redundant because we have not really recognised their usefulness, possibly because they do not appear in the exact mental pictures we have created. 

When Moses sought GOD'S help at that point when they were faced with the dilemma of Red Sea and the Egyptian army, GOD did not tell Moses to look for an external source, he made use of the starf Moses had, but apparently, prior to that miracle, Moses did not have complete awareness of how handy that old, insignificant, ordinary starf could come in....however it did and was obviously significant given that this piece is making reference to such event. 

The point is this, you might want to go forward with that idea but you keep asking a lot of how and why questions without looking around you to know the resources and opportunities you can cash into. 

For instance you want to start posting videos on you tube and you are waiting to buy a proper video camera which might take some time, but you have a smart phone which you have not maximised yet, and the more you keep waiting, the more time gets in the way. 

So friend, it is time to be creatively sensitive to our immediate world, as we aim to explore the world beyond our sphere. #KICKSTART.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with knowing where you stand. You have to be careful with how much you give in places that no longer serve you respect. It is never easy to just pick up and leave, but do not waste your breath on arguments that lead to nothing but pain, guilt, low self-esteem, self destruction- totally bad energy that leads to nothing good!

Stop chasing ghost wind. Do not give anyone the satisfaction to see you weak and in return, be used for an ego booster. That is no love! That is no friendship! 

If someone wants to walk with you, they will. If they want to stop wasting your breath, they will! 

Tuesday, 10 November 2015


Did you know that some friendships are heavy burdens? 

How could you be friends with someone whom you cannot express yourself freely, without every of your words been misread? Do you really need such friendship? Such negative energy is not for a true friendship. 

True friendship is when you make room for your friends, (genuine friends) not wolf in sheep clothing.  I like expressing myself and saying how I feel, and that helps my sanity. But it is very draining and stressful if i cannot say how i feel to someone i call my friend. When you struggle too hard in a relationship, then you are in a wrong place. 

Strength lies in diversity. In friendship, we do not have to have similar opinions and that does not mean we cannot find a common ground to achieve the same goal. Having a sincere and constructive criticism will help to make corrections where necessary without fighting one another or gossiping. 

Every words and actions must not always be misread, if your friendship is truly genuine! 

I assure you that If you are in a relationship where you are afraid to say your mind, then you are with the wrong person(s).



I heard a story about a man named David Ring. An outstanding preacher and speaker, who travels the world inspiring and motivating people everywhere he goes. He was born with cerebral palsy, which affected him as he was growing up. But you know what? He overcame it! Even though the disease affected his speech and motion, yet he refused to let his disability limit him. That was enough excuse for him to have decided not to work or pursue his dreams, but he did not allow "the excuse" to kill his dream! 

A lot of people have too many excuses, most seem genuine, but the truth is, there is no genuine excuse as far as your destiny is concerned! Stop dwelling on your disappointments. There are no handicaps except in your mind. 

Leo Tolstoy, the writer of the best seller book, War and Peace,  actually wrote the book while living in a small house with his wife and 13 children. Abraham Lincoln lost multiple jobs, went bankrupt, and failed severally before being sworn as the 16th President of the United States of America. 

You and I do not have any excuse not to succeed in life! What can you do with what you have? Get going now! When you walk in the right direction of your dream, no matter how long it takes, you will surely get there! Do not accept any excuses! 

Most, if not all the great achievers had excuses or failures that would have stopped them, but they kept going! 


Some ladies think they can convince a man against his will and get him to change his lifestyle because of their influence on him. The truth is that a man  convinced against his will is of the same opinion still. 
No doubts, he may go along with you to get what he wants from you, but reverts to his old ways the moment he achieves his aim.

It is highly imperative that you do a thorough assessment of the man you are dating and planning to spend the rest of your life with, look out for his qualities, find out how he handles situations when he is under pressure, so that if you do not like what you see in him, you can do yourself good by letting him go. 

Another important factor to seriously consider, even though some women overlook it because of being "head over heels" is ensuring that the man they are dating are of the same faith and belief with them. This will go a long way to determine how long a marriage will last! 

The truth is, you can never change a man. What you see is usually what you get!

Monday, 9 November 2015


When GOD gets through working on you, all those that accused you and contributed to your low self-esteem will be ashamed. You will not have to prove anything. GOD will prove it. 

People do not know and understand the battle you have been fighting, yet they judge you, especially when they see you looking well dressed. They assume all sorts of things about you. But not to worry, your time will come and they won't see it coming!  Just stay strong. 

Sunday, 8 November 2015


However you choose to see life, is exactly what life will give to you. It's just like a magnet, it will only attract metals/irons. If you choose to see life as beautiful, all you will get will be beautiful, it does not matter what you have been through. Choose to see love, beauty, good, and life will bring love, beauty and good to you. Do not listen to people who tell you, life is hard. Life can only be hard for you if you choose to see it that way! 

You may be going through some challenges, but you need to come to the point where you begin to see those challenges as stepping stones to your greatness. In fact, some challenges are necessary! 

Have you wondered why doughs go through the kind of beating they go through, then from beating, they go straight to the oven, then voilĂ , a freshly baked sweet bread? The beating they go through helps them come well and beautifully baked, without any form of error! That's what the sweet breads we eat go through to become meals for us! So you see, the roughness the doughs go through is necessary.

If you know deep down inside you that you are not ordinary and that your purpose is greater than the challenge you are going through, then you should start seeing those challenges as stepping stones to your greatness! Choose to see a beautiful end to your story! 

Great people always have a story! What is yours? 


Putting others down  and criticising them fails to prove that we have personal worth. Anyone who really understands the roots of self-esteem knows that critical people have major self-esteem problems. 
Do you agree with this statement? 


When you have love in your heart, no matter the situation you are in, it will bring hope alive in you. Hope to believe that whatever you are expecting will surely come through. Are you at a stage where love has grown cold in your heart? 


Start taking responsibility for your life. 


Saturday, 7 November 2015


There is every reason for you to have a confident expectation of good happening to you! It does not matter the rumors of wars, or how much bad news you have heard over the past weeks, do have the confidence that you and your loved ones are exempted! Let your confidence in GOD about your safety be unshakable. 

Most times, we tend to be negative, or we feel "oh, this is too good to be true;" Why do you have to doubt the fact that truly you deserve the best? The best is meant for you- always tell yourself that. Have the mindset of a winner. Do not expect bad news! 

That you heard some tragic news about someone you know, does not mean you are next! Refuse to fear, you have been assured of your safety by GOD. Hold on to it! 

Expect good news! Expectation is a seed! You cannot have what you do not desire or wish for.


Need I tell you the health benefits of vegetables? Health boosters, age defyers, beautiful and youthful skin, high antioxidants, the benefits go on and on and on. So get eating your veggies now! Refresh yourself from the stress and have you some veggie treats and do not forget to drink plenty water.


Friday, 6 November 2015


Stop wasting your time blaming others for what you perceive is wrong with your life. As long as you are breathing, it is never too late to make changes. Walk away from those that insist on keeping you down. 

As Maria Robinson once said, "Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending."


Mind who you share your problems with; because that might be what they wished you in the first place. 

Thursday, 5 November 2015


Regardless of what you may have been through, perhaps you feel scared by the ugly past. May be you think you can never make it no matter how hard you try to put yourself together. Know this; you are too valuable to GOD. GOD painted a wonderful piece of artwork one day, and that painting is you. 

Count yourself favoured that GOD had to look closely back into his "painting" to discover that you needed an upgrade! 

Did you know that the most tidious part of sculpturing, is when the sculptor had to cut off some parts to give his work a perfect finish? So isn't it high time you relaxed, hold yourself in and let the "craft master" do HIS perfect work on you? 

The hard times you are going through is preparing you for a greater height, only if you can see GOD in your situation! You cannot walk through a long rough path and remain the same. Two things happen; either you become a better, happy, loving person or you turn out to become a bitter, doubtful, unpleasant person. 

And the truth is, you become a perfect finished work, when you hold your peace and allow GOD to work on/in you, no matter how damaged you or anyone think you are!


My mom once said, whatever you desire to do in life, you will most likely find out that someone has done it before or is doing it. Try and find out clues on how the person was able to succeed, then learn.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015


Some things that happen in life is normal to some people (they overlook it or take it for granted), but to someone else, it is a miracle! 



Why do some men consciously leave all interaction with their children to their wife?

Did you know  that children with emotionally absent fathers feel abandoned and distanced. Absent fathers create void, a vacuum, emptiness in their children. A strong relationship between  a dad and his kids helps teach children discernment: how to make judgements about relationships, how to deal with challenge, how to be brave. When a man is involved in his children's lives, it gives them confident in relating to other people. 

And if Dad is not around, a child, especially a young girl can grow up vainly searching for deeply satisfying relationships that promise to meet that need. (This is no myth, this is the truth!)

Extremes in behaviour are the result when young women do not enjoy a caring relationship with their fathers! Young girls jumping in and out of relationships at a frenzied pace, or you see girls transferring the fantasy if the father they never had to all men and seek a dream partner, only to be dissatisfied with every suitor who shows serious interest. 

Multiple painful marriages are often the result!

That is why a lot of Dads who now know better, are seriously getting more deeply involved with their wives and children. 

We urgently need more Dads to get involved in the lives of their wives and children.



Tuesday, 3 November 2015


Some ladies say that they are waiting for a man to make them happy. But the truth is that your happiness is in your hands. Your happiness is a choice. You determine if you will be happy, how happy you want to be and for how long you want to stay happy. You cannot wait to become happy tomorrow. Learn to become happy! The happier you are with yourself, the easier it becomes to attract the right man into your life. Happy people are like magnets, they attract good people into their lives!


Secrets have a way of being discovered or exposed by someone. 


Have you let that beginning be a steppingstone to help make things better, or has it become a stumbling block, tripping you up and keeping you from answering fulfilling life's purpose? Are you running ahead of GOD? Are you willing to lay your hopes and dreams on the altar so you can really be certain you are following GOD'S plan for your life and not your own? 


I realised that your development can take place only when you cross paths with people who stretch you. 
Limiting yourself to people who do not challenge your abilities (mostly indirectly), robs you of personal growth and forces you to live in a secure but shriveled world. If you are going to progress to the next level, draw strength from your challenges, learn from their doubts about your abilities, spend time with those who are already there or who at least know how to get there!

Monday, 2 November 2015


Dated 18th August, 1997.

My writing skills didn't start today. Wow! I saw this note and I thought I should share it. My mom never stopped lecturing us about life, but I guess we humans love adventure and wouldn't mind doing things our own ways most times. It is a good thing we know better now, that it pays to listen. Thank GOD.
Read below:

If you genuinely desire to connect with a good man or woman, you must let go of all the time wasting, purposeless and unproductive relationships. 

A bad relationship will hinder you from connecting with the man or woman who is right for you. 

Do not try to manage a mediocre relationship. 

The danger of holding onto a bad relationship for too long is that after a while, it will be very difficult for you to leave, because you have grown emotionally and destructively attached to the person. 

Do not be scared of being alone. Better to be alone than to be in an abusive relationship. 

Pray fervently to GOD for the right partner. 

Any bad trait you see in the person you are dating and the person does not see any wrong in it and has no plan of getting better, do yourself good and save yourself from heart breaks. 

Wow. There is nothing "old school" about this at all. This is the real deal. I was shocked when I saw this note. Bless your heart my sweet mom. Nothing really is new under the sun! 


The moment we admit our true feelings, we begin to move in the direction of the solution. But the more we deny our challenges (weakness, bad traits and habits etc) the worse our situation becomes! Psychologists said that when you admit your problems, you will see yourself attain about 50% victory over them. 

The worst thing one can do to oneself is to lie or to not even realise that you have a problem! That's a terrible way to live. 

When I told myself the truth about some certain challenges I was facing something ago, help came; and here I am telling you that when you admit your situation, that's a way forward! 

Don't shy away from  it. Deal with it and you will enjoy who you will/have become!



A lot of folks will agree with me that, even with plenty of money, some people still battle in their minds. They crave for inner peace- which money cannot buy! 

Peace will make you have control over your issues. Did you know that there is a way you will have too much money and it will overwhelm you? But when you have peace, you can control every situation that having too much money may bring!  Yes, it's true! Money can be overwhelming if you do not know how to handle it. That is why you hear about rich people commit suicide, and you will wonder why. 

That said, it is very important we surround ourselves with people who are like an oasis in the desert; people who can shelter us with their sense of inner peace and calm. Not people who pose as friends and change like the weather! There are a lot of them out there, it is when  you need them the most that they will disappoint! Oh, what a friend I have in JESUS! HE never fails me!

Inner peace will make you a more secure and confident person. Peace gives you a strong sense of inner validation that you cannot receive from anybody else. Peace will eliminate petty worries from your life. Peace will become a glowing aura of beauty around you and you will become irresistibly attractive to your likes! 

And no matter the situation that had gained upper hand in a while in your life, you will overthrow it, because where there is peace, conflict (war in your mind) cannot prevail. It's my birth month! Ohhhh am so excited! 

Have a great week! 

Sunday, 1 November 2015


You were born with your outer beauty. Your physical qualities are the result of the genetic mix between your mom and dad. You took on certain qualities from their genes. If you were born with a fantastic figure and face, you had absolutely nothing to do it it; that's your parents....Thank them. If you are not physically endowed, it also came from your parents. 

But your inner beauty is your sole responsibility. I realised that you alone will determine how beautiful you want your inner qualities to be. It all depends on your willingness to let go of bad traits and let GOD work on your inner self, which is the real you! Do you know that you can so develop your inner qualities that people will find your attractive, compelling and irresistible! 

You and I can agree that at some point in our daily activities, we have been put off by a beautiful or handsome person who lacked character. 

You may spend thousands of money to beautify your body, buy expensive designers clothes, shoes etc all in an attempt to package yourself in a socially acceptable, and dignifying manner. But ask yourself, "when this man/woman gets to know the real me, will he or she still want me or like me for who I am?"


The year is wrapping up and I am very excited because it is going to end well for you and I. Whatever you are trusting GOD for and whatever promise you have received from GOD, hold on to it; HE will surely come through! HE always does, because nothing is too hard for GOD!

I want to say this to you out there! We must learn to thank GOD for who we are! Do not feel less of yourself because you are not like the other person who is doing well and is being recognised. You are not supposed to be someone else; you are you! Uniquely made! Custom made! 

Instead of sulking and feeling less, because you feel you do not look good enough like that beautiful woman or you feel you are not as talented as the singer in your church, find out from GOD what HE wants you to do or who HE wants you to be! You may also be feeling less appreciated, but do not try to sell your honour because you want to be appreciated. 

Appreciate yourself and tell yourself how good you are! Tell yourself, " I am valuable to GOD. I am special. And I will not allow anyone to use or abuse me. Tell yourself that you deserve the best, and only the best will come to you." Remember, you have what you say. 

November is usually a great month for me and it shall be same for you! Just believe! 


Excuse is not an excuse.