Wednesday, 9 December 2015


We believe in our children by encouraging and embracing their dreams, by showing interest in their adventures, their crafts, by not pushing them away when they fail a task, by the words of mouth- telling them "yes they can", by never abusing them, by affirming them when they come up with some great imaginative skills. Imagination is a wonderful gift!

We parents are given the privilege to encourage our children to think about all the things they can do, to believe in them and to affirm them. 

As parents, it is very important that we put our children through when  they fail in their tasks- when their adventures fail to work . It is our duty to debrief them, encourage them to talk about their feelings and experience, to discuss what they can learn from it and to help them move forward. Let us be there to offer our supports to our children so as to avoid permanent emotional scars. That will be very unhealthy for your child even as he or she becomes an adult.  

If your child failed in a task, help him or her through and do not in any way make references to some other child you wished your child could be like. That is the worst thing you can do to your child-to compare him/her with another! 

Parents, believe in your child, even if you feel he should do better! Help him/her become the best- by believing in them and encouraging them all the way- and do not leave out discipline, because when you train your child in the right way, he/she will never depart from it! Taking care of a child requires GOD'S wisdom!

I remember as a child, I was always afraid to answer questions in class, even when I knew that I was hundred percent correct, because of fear of being punished by the class teacher if I failed to get the answer correctly. This was because my parents would never take failure or mistakes for an answer, you must get some very good lashes for not getting the answers correctly, so I became scared and unsure of my abilities in class- even as one of the smartest pupils- thus lingered to my higher education. 

But eventually, I overcame those fears! I got more knowledge of how beautifully I was designed and that there is only one me! I can never fit into being someone else and someone else can never ever be me! I took my time to study myself and realised my specialties.

Not all child may have the chance to realise their worths, that is why you hear people commit suicide and you wonder why! 

Not believing in your child could kill your child, literally! Let your child see that you have absolute faith in him/her! Believing in your child(ren) will help in building their confidence and getting them ready to challenge life! 

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