Tuesday, 15 December 2015


Have you noticed that most times, you only get to realise that you have been "doing great" and people have been watching even though no one is telling you "well done", when you make a mistake or fail? That is when you will start hearing people say, "oh, you should have continued to do it they way you used to do it", or why did you not do it that way? , or "what happened to you? You are not looking as beautiful as you used to". And you be like, "so you've been watching me and you aren't saying anything?" Oh yes, people have been watching you! The truth is, most times they are watching to see you fail. That is why you should never feel discouraged or intimidated when people don't applaud or commend you or your work. Keep moving! 

Have you also not noticed that people say a lot of "sorry ooo" than "well done, that was a good one"? Refuse sympathy!!!! Keep doing what you are doing! The world is watching you! 

Stop expecting people to  appreciate your looks or your works! Most people won't! But i have come across some genuine people who will praise you for every single effort you make. 

Learn to encourage yourself and tell yourself "well done,  you are doing excellently great". Keep improving. People are watching!

People will address you the way you address yourself!

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