Sunday, 31 January 2016


When I listen to most successful people, they always say something like, "when I was a kid, my parents told me that I would never amount to anything in life, or my high school teacher once told me that I would never become a billionaire. Did they believe them? Well, most of them did and allowed those words to become true, but the ones that didn't, prove them wrong by being successful against all odds. 

Most of the people who failed would say that they strived to fit in because they were afraid of being different. They feared the work, stress and fear itself surrounding standing out. And I ask, who was the last guy who fit in and changed the world? 

The challenge most people face is the fear of standing out. They want to trend with everything that is trending. You could enjoy the hype for a moment, but at the end, it fizzles away. That is what happens when you want to fit in. 

Standing out is scary, especially when everybody around you is trying hard to fit in and you are all alone believing in yourself to come through. They will make mockery of you and tell you how unrealistic you are. Some "well meaning" friends might even try to convince you that there isn't any future with that thing you are working on and being patient with. Yes, I have heard so many times from people like that, who tell me that I need some real quick money, instead of suffering myself writing. But you know what, it is only passion for whatever you are doing that will help you stand out when all is said and done. 

Fitting in is temporarily fun, but the end is as bitter as anything bitter you can think of. Dare to stand out and dare to change your world. Be that difference that you seek! 

Every, and I mean every successful people I know, have met, have read about, had one thing in common- they refused to fit in- they stood out from the crowd! 

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Friday, 29 January 2016


They say that assumption is the mother of all mistakes. 
How many times have you assumed something and it turned out to be true? Hardly. I want to urge us to learn to be "double sure"( borrowing my sister's words) about any situation. 

Assumption has led a lot of people into regrettable and irreversible mistakes. As hurting as you may be feeling, do yourself the good of being a little more patient to verify before you draw conclusions and do something terrible, that you will live the rest of your life regretting you'd done better.

On a lighter note, let me share a true life story with you, on why you should never assume. 

Few years ago, I got a job in an engineering firm and my take home was a good one. I was also given an official car and a driver. On my first day at work, I was out and about with the driver. So with so much excitement, I called my mom and was telling her how happy and excited I was, and how I was cruising the whole town with a brand new official car and a driver. We cracked jokes in my dialect and said a lot of things. Because the driver was from the north, I totally assumed that he could never understand all that I said. 

Days later, when I was rushing to meet up with an appointment, without given the driver any notice that I was on my way to the car, I bumped into him making a call and he spoke my dialect all through the conversion.   I was shocked to my bones! Lolls. I asked him how he learnt my dialect, he said his wife thought him. I could see the look on his face that day, like, "oh you thought I did not understand everything you said that day."

The good thing was that I never said anything ill about the driver or anybody in the company or anybody at all. I was just excited and joyful about my new job and all the mouth watery benefits. I learnt a very big lesson from that day. I not only stopped assuming, I became more careful. 


There is this saying: out of sight, is out of mind. Does this apply to husband and wife that are not based in the same station?

Here's my answer to his question:

For couples who are closer and have a strong relationship with each other, out of sight will make them grow fonder with each other.  But for couples who are always at log ahead with each other, or a situation where the man treats  wife very wrongly and vice versa, out of sight will/might really become out of mind. But what should work in this situation should be for the couple to talk about their situation. And ensure they keep in touch very closely.

Please share your thoughts on this. 

Thursday, 28 January 2016



Do not get lost in the crowd. Carve out your own niche. Discover what works for you. Work and walk with what works for you, not what other people think. It is hard to toss a person who is focused. Focus on your abilities, because you have them. GOD is all wise, and could not have created you with nothing! You've got it friend. Always create time for yourself and do some soul searching from time to time. That person you are running after could be secretly admiring your potentials even though you are not seeing them. This is not a cliché. 

The truth is, you are who you say you are! Get on yourself and happen. Remember, patients is a virtue. Do not be in a hurry. Your chances of succeeding are as big as the sky. Stay motivated. Be inspired!

Tuesday, 26 January 2016



Hey friends, it's been a while we had a talk on singles/married. Today, I just have a few things I would like to share with you and I will be so pleased to read from you as well. I had a chat with a senior friend yesterday and we dived into so many topics, one of which was on bonding, and I said yes, this is worth talking about. Bonding is not a new word when it comes to most couples, but I would not like to assume that everybody knows what it is all about, that is why I would like you all to share your thoughts too. 

It has been said that, successful couples forge a strong bond which leads to deeper intimacy and love in the relationship. This is so true, I must say. 

Bonding is the process by which you and your partner connect on more intimate and deeper level. Inability to bond will result to superficial, selfish and myopic relationship, which will not take you very far as a couple. Bonding keeps you focused and centered on each other. No more looking outside. When you bond, you will know deep down that you have found your partner. 

What you do during bonding matters a lot. We have this misconception that bonding is all about sex. Far from it! You do not resolve issues by having sex; you talk! You pour out your hearts to one another, and understand each other deeper. Because, when you finally marry, the bond between you and your partner if genuinely established, will keep you both together when you go through life's tests. 

One of the easiest ways to bond with your partner is by being open to one another. To bond is to connect deeply emotionally, spiritually and mentally with your partner. Spend time together and connect on a deeper emotional, intellectual and spiritual level.

I further asked her, how about physical bonding. Hear what she said, physical bonding takes place later in marriage. If you try to force physical bonding, it will not guarantee bonding and intimacy. Most relationships failed even before they started because they got physical. 

Do you agree with the latter, I mean what she said about physical bonding? Please share your thoughts. This is new year, I need your input guys.... lol. 

Monday, 25 January 2016



GOD created every individual differently; different looks, different talents, different reasonings, different abilities, different life's experiences and so on. 
You will be doing yourself harm if you keep comparing yourself with others. You will not go far if all you do is to measure your success and how far you've come with others. Their experiences are different from yours, and their timing is also different from yours. 

Because everyone wants to be on the fast lane and become wealthy in a twinkle of an eye without any experience at all, people are not putting so many things into consideration. All they care about is how to do anything to make money. 

It is so sad that a man, today, took his own life because he felt his mates were doing very well and he was just there pacing. Is it not better to pace than to be stagnant? I am so displeased at this news. 
Please dear friend, it is better to pace than to not pace at all. Stop comparing yourself with others. Start with that little  you have. Little by little. Precept by precept. Be patient. Look away from the world and concentrate on GOD. Encourage yourself everyday and always tell yourself "you are doing great". 

Learn a lesson from the 1500 meters race, the person in front is not always the one who wins the race. Most times, the winner is not always noticed until he emerges! 

Saturday, 23 January 2016


Get in here friends, I want to share something exciting and educative about Sugar Cane with you. 

All my life I never considered Sugar Cane as anything important, because from where I come from, people have this notion that Sugar Cane is for poor people. I have never come across any rich person(s)  with exotic cars stop to buy Sugar Canes, only mostly pedestrians. But while we were looking down on this beautiful nature's gift to man, a lot of people who know the health benefits of Sugar Cane are benefiting greatly from it. 

The health benefits of Sugar Cane can never be overemphasised. That is why I want to share with you some of the facts I got from my research on Sugar Cane. 

Here in Nigeria, the weather is excessively hot right now and the sun is very intense, which causes fatigue and dehydration. And instead of opting for artificial energy drinks, I juice some Sugar Cane, and it's amazing how fast it rehydrates my body and boosts my energy, and not only that, I also enjoy its health benefits.

Research has it that Sugar cane  is rich in calcium, chromium, cobalt, copper, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, potassium and zinc.  It also contains iron and vitamins A, C, B1, B2, B3, B5, and B6, along with high concentration of phytonutrients, antioxidants, proteins and soluble fiber. All these nutrients contribute to its nutritive benefits to human healths.

Sugar Cane is good for diabetic patients. Really? Yes, in spite of its high sugar content. It contains natural sugar which has low glycemic index that prevents steep rise in blood glucose levels in diabetics, so it can act as a substitute of aerated drinks for them. But it is advised that Type-2 diabetic patients should consume it in moderation and after consultation with their doctors.

Sugarcane is an alkaline forming food because of its high concentration of calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and manganese. Research shows that diseases like cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment and as such, it is effective in fighting against cancer, especially prostate and breast cancer.

Sugar Cane helps in maintaining the health of the kidney, and also boosts protein levels in the body.

Sugar Cane contains high antioxidants which help to fight against infections and boost the immunity system of the body. 

Sugar Cane protects the liver against infections and helps in keeping the bilirubin levels in control. A friend of mine just shared with me that she was advised to administer a very small quantity of sugar cane juice to her newborn that had jaundice, which she did and the jaundice was gone. Sugar cane juice digests easily without much pressure on the liver.

Sugar cane helps in digestion and also a good remedy for treating constipation, because of  its high potassium content.

Sugarcane protects against tooth decay and bad breath due to its high mineral content.

Sugar cane juice helps in recovering lost protein.

Sugar Cane helps in keeping the skin hydrated, fights acne, prevents ageing, reduces blemishes. 

Sugar Cane also serves as a beauty therapy, because it contains glycolic acid, which is one of the most effective alpha hydroxy acids. You can apply sugar cane juice to your skin and let it dry or add it to your favourite beauty products. I add the juice on my facial mask. It's amazing the glow and youthful effect Sugar Cane juice gives my face. 

Friday, 22 January 2016

Thursday, 21 January 2016


Healing starts first by realising your wrongs, then you start the process of forgiving yourself, then lastly, you let go. You can never heal by holding on to your pain- your past, or by embarking on that guilt trip or by pointing fingers- apportioning blames. Never. 

You know, the truth is, as hurt as you might be feeling right now, if you take a moment to reflect back, you will realise the areas where you were also at fault. For the pains you are going through right now, if you can realise your wrongs and forgive yourself, you will be amazed at how fast your healing will progress. Do not be too quick to blame people for your mistakes and hurts. Learn to take responsibilities by also accepting your wrongs and then keep your heart open to forgive yourself and let go. Just let go!

From experience, I can assure you that you can either hold on to your pain, guilt, blames, regrets, mistakes and never heal; or you realise your wrongs, forgive yourself, let go and get the best healing ever. 

Would you not rather heal and enjoy the blessings that await you? 


Have you had your 8 glasses of water today? 
Your body needs a lot of water to function effectively. 


Why do some very capable people or will I say, talented people, often find doors of opportunities closed to them, while you may see others with less skills and talents enjoy unlimited opportunities and success in every area of their lives? Does this sound familiar to you? Well, as unfair as it seems, I believe that timing has a lot to do with it. 

When your time has not come, for whatever you desire to achieve or acquire, you may continue to get tossed over, until your time comes. 

Everyone has their time, and while you wait for your time to come, you need to grow and mature in those areas that you have been childish. Some blessings will never come until you have gone through your own life's lessons, which is a blessing in disguise- that prepares us for what is ahead. 

I just want to encourage you dear friend, your time will come. Just do not give up. Be patient with yourself and continue to pace on. Remember that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. You are not doing badly I must tell you. So keep on trying, your time will definitely come. 


Tuesday, 19 January 2016


A wise man once said that to be a good leader, you must first be a good follower. How true! 

I have listened to a lot of speeches by some great men and women, and there is one unique thing about all of them; they will tell you that they served in humility and they started small. One of the richest black man in the world, Aliko Dangote from Nigeria said, "I built a conglomerate and emerged the richest black man in the world on 2008, but it didn't happen overnight. It took me 30 years to get to where I am today. Youths of today aspire to be like me but they want to achieve it overnight. It's not going to work. To build a successful business, you must start small and dream big." 

Starting small could mean that you have a master who is very wealthy and you are learning skills from him- the best thing to do is to keep your head down, serve and learn. That is the only way you will grow. 

Learn to follow the leader, by so doing, you are learning how to lead the follower. You cannot achieve success overnight, you must contribute your own quota. Humility is the fastest and easiest way to learn how to be a good leader. Never contend with your master, you will never win. 

More piece on "follow the leader" coming soon...


What will you do if your husband asks you to quit your good earning job to look after your kids while he makes the money? 

Friends lets talk. Please send your comments.


Choose habits that will lead you to success and repeat them everyday. Focus and refuse to be distracted. Consistency pays. 

Monday, 18 January 2016


Everyone has a purpose. It is the reason we exist. It is our life's mission. You need to know the reason you exist. Do you? You must be certain that you were created for a great purpose. When you discover that purpose, and you are doing what you were created to do, becoming what you were created to be, you will find fulfillment. Which will also most definitely contribute to your happiness. 

The hardest thing to do is to pressure someone to do something or be something when the person does not even know the reason he or she exists in the first place. 

If you meet someone who is not fulfilling his purpose, you will notice from the persons attitude. The person could be rude, always agitated, most times feels unrest and cannot even understand why. But when you are around someone who is fulfilling his purpose, you notice his calm, well composed confident look, deep satisfaction and security. The truth is, the person might not have all the money in the world, but his peace of mind and satisfaction, you can't take away or doubt it. 

So, we are in the week three of the year, instead of joining the band wagon, it will pay you to discover your true purpose and make yourself happen. You could be doing something that is earning you a lot of money, but you are not fulfilled. You just know that something is not right. Someone said, "the only way to find out if you are fulfilling your purpose is if you are satisfied in what you are doing". Have you discovered your purpose? 

Saturday, 16 January 2016


Be confident. Be inspired. Be motivated. Be assured. Do not doubt yourself. Give yourself time from time to time, you need it for your growth and development. 

Stay away from social media for a while, if that will help your sanity, because most times, things are not always as they seem. 

Love your spouse. Be thankful for your life and your spouse and your children. Always reach out to your parents and siblings. 

You are enabled. Do not at anytime consider giving up. You might not be there yet, but hope is powerful. Keep hoping that someday your dreams will come through. 

Strive to learn. Associate yourself with positive, humble, GOD-loving people. Let your decisions be firm. Do not let anyone mesmerise you. Gird your heart with all diligence. Never say never! 


Strengths surface when we discover things we can do almost effortlessly, but which seem to be challenging to some other persons. The fact that strengths are different in everybody is what makes life interesting and complementary at the same time. 

One person may be strong and gifted in public  speaking, but absolutely despises detail planning and administration. At the same time, someone close to him may love the details of strategic planning and questions, but cannot even fathom how anyone can stand up and speak or teach without preparation. 

When you put these individual strengths together, you will have  great results in whatever you set out to achieve. Strength is power. Let us learn to make room for each other's strengths. Everybody must not be business inclined, or a writer, or an orator etc, but when these strengths come together, goals are achieved! 


How many women have settled for unhappy relationships merely because they have come to a sad conclusion that to have "some" man is better than no man at all? Too many. 

Thursday, 14 January 2016


If you are thinking of quiting, remind yourself that it really hasn't been long since you started. Think about why you started in the first place. Think about what you are working for. Stay focused on your future and keep striving for greatness. 

Remember that the big mango tree you admire and eat from now, came from a very tiny, helpless, uninteresting seed. 

It is very important for you to know that if you really need a success that will last and stand the test of time, you must be patient to nurture your seed- water it everyday, weed, apply manure, pray on your seed, because as an Agricultural student,  i know that is very possible for your seeds to die even after applying all the basic principles- natural agents that should grow your plant. 

Pay close attention to that little business you have started (your seed). Do not be in a hurry for your business to begin to yield profits yet. Patience is a virtue and you must be patient to discover what works for your business for you to gain from it without considering quitting whenever you face challenges. 

Focus on the progress you make in growing your business, and eventually, like I always say and believe, no work goes without a wage. If not now, but definitely in the near future. 
Have a great day! 

Wednesday, 13 January 2016


Life teaches us different lessons everyday. Always be ready to learn from others experience and do not pray to learn it the hard way. But if you do learn life the hard way, you are not disadvantaged, rather you have become an expert. So kudos to all my fellow learners! 

Something I would love to share with you. To my fellow ladies,  that your husband is a friend to some guy, does not automatically make you friends with the wife or wives of your husband's friends. Friendship is deeper than just a gisting mate or will I call it a gossip mate. 

Choose your friends and do not let friends choose you. You can never expect to have the same level of understanding with an ammature, no matter the person's size. Do not allow your quest for friendship to cause you to lower or bend your standards and your beliefs to the levels of others. 

If you are in a relationship where someone keeps telling you to prove yourself, making you feel less of yourself or even doubt yourself, leave that friendship or relationship without looking back! 

Associate yourself only with the right people that can form your support system. Yes, no man is an island, but it is better to be alone than to be with someone who makes you feel unsure of yourself. 

People are carrying too many baggage, and one needs to be careful who we let into our lives, lest you welcome someone with an over load that might( if absolute care is not taken) cause your life ship to sink! 


Tuesday, 12 January 2016


Sometimes, tough times could create your future, because necessity is the mother of invention. It is when things are really hard that people work harder. Someone once said, only fools seek for a problem-free life. Do you agree? Well, whatever is the case, do not surrender your life to problems. Be in control and avoid depression! 

Monday, 11 January 2016


I admire these  women so much, Taraji P.Henson and Genevive Nnaji. Aside their beauty, which is very secondary to me, their stories are my strong points! These women had a very rough, tough life in the beginning, yet they did not give up or right themselves off. Instead, they persevered. They knew that they deserved better than what life brought to them. So looking back from where they are coming from, these women have paid their dues to really be enjoying the very good things they are getting from life! Consistency! They never gave up! They are just so on point and still down to earth that you can relate so easily with them like ordinary people. Yes it is the ordinary people that make the extraordinary.


I admire you and I celebrate you, Taraji. P.Henson and Genevive Nnaji. More power to your elbows! 


Too often,our actions are dictated, not by purpose, but by a need to please. We care so much about people's opinions- people who are still struggling with discovering themselves. In spite of fear, people still beat the odds, only because they have discovered their purpose. Have you? Or are you still waiting for someone to dictate your destiny? 



Because something seems difficult for you, do not think that it is impossible for someone else. Difficult situations arise because someone somewhere is capable of solving it. Could it be you? 

Impossible to me simply means I'm possible! So dare it! No limits to what you are capable of achieving, only if you can dare yourself to face that challenge! You cannot keep running away from difficult challenges, no you can't. Because life will continue to throw stones at you if you continue to run away or concede to impossibilities. 

So many times I get so exhausted, I just feel like I should take a break from writing, but you know what, I am an excuse killer. What I do in such situation is that I try to sort myself out and give myself some time to relax by engaging in something else, something fun, then viola, I am back on my feet! 

If you need results, you must focus on the process first. That is what makes you who you become eventually, after going through hard times! 

See you at the top friends. We are getting there! Say to yourself, No limits! 

Saturday, 9 January 2016


The great obstacle to every man's progress is fear. 

Sometimes, it is the failure or crisis of the past that haunts us; thereby affecting the present. 

This has been said many times, that many great men and women who ever accomplished great things in all spheres of life were "failures" at one time or the other, but they overcame their failures by being determined (never to quit) and courageous. 

Do not wish to become, or should I say, never follow anyone who brags that they have never failed or made a mistake! Either they are lying to you or they have never tried anything! 

No matter the state of your failure, never surrender to it. Never give up! Never right yourself off or conclude death on your case! Be determined that though you failed, you will surely bounce back, better, stronger and wiser! Failure is no crime, but low aim! So determine to aim higher! Keep hope alive. Forge ahead and conquer fear. 

When you conquer fear, you have conquered failure! Be courageous! 

Thursday, 7 January 2016


Mentors are people who have done what you are trying to do. They have achieved what you are trying to achieve in your relationship, career, business and are very successful. If you want to succeed in whatever aspect, you need a mentor. 

From experience, there  are many challenges I could have easily overcome earlier in life had I the wisdom of experienced person(s) guiding me. I did not have to learn by experience what I could have learnt by wisdom. 

With mentors watching over you, for instance your relationship, they provide timely solutions to challenges which could occur as a result of one's immaturity, in-experience in handling a relationship, inability to make good decisions. They will guide you through making the right choices in any aspect of your life. 

Mentors do not jump on you from nowhere, you have to seek them out yourself if you desire their wealth of experience, my mom will always say. 

Many people could have been saved from pains and regrets of wrong choices if they were under the guidance of a mentor. The truth is, whatever you desire to do with your life or whoever you desire to become, someone else has been that before you! 

Every human being needs guidance from time to time. Seek out your mentor, and be humble enough to learn.


Tuesday, 5 January 2016


Hello friends, hope you all are having a great year already. Is it too early to ask? (Smiles). Oh well, you'd better not underestimate yourself, because that change you are expecting can happen in a split second.

How is your resolution coming along? I know a lot of people wrote down their resolutions and are already up on it. Keep it up friend. 

Should I tell you what will help you achieve your set goals? Focusing on the habit, and not on the result. Do you know that it is very possible for your set goals to overwhelm you such that you get stuck even before setting off, if you try to execute them all at once? That will be very unhealthy and might lead to serious depression. Some people have lost it because they chose to focus on results instead of focusing on the habits. 

It doesn't make sense rushing off and at the end you hit the rock bottom. Frequency matters more than quantity. For instance, your resolution is to lose weight, make it a habit to go to the gym every day, even if you have to spend a few minutes there. Take it one step at a time. No matter how small, as long as you are consistent on building your habit, you must definitely have your desired results. 

I have learnt that the secret to breakthrough with any set goal, resolution or change you want to make is by doing it little by little and being consistent.  So friends, one of the best ways to achieve your set goals is by focusing on your habit and not on results. The truth is ,result is inevitable when you are consistent. 

Once again, may i kindly remind you never to measure your success by the success of others. 

Happy New Year once again friends! 

Monday, 4 January 2016



Are you always looking at the difficulties, problems and challenges you face? You cannot possibly go through life like that, building on the negative. We all know that as long as there is life, challenges will definitely come. But as a winner that you are, you can turn every challenge into an opportunity for growth and maturity. 

For couples who have been through a very rough path, you and your partner can learn from experiences and use them to forge a stronger bond of love and friendship. 

Like my mom will always say, "cakes go through fire before they become "a delight". It takes only wisdom for couples who truly love themselves and know where they are coming from, to deal with challenges together and learn from it! 

Most times, challenges are "a wake up call". So instead of looking for an escape from the situation, try and learn from it!

Sunday, 3 January 2016


Where you are is almost as important as what you are. Where you are determines what grows inside of you. Your weaknesses or your strengths require a climate to grow. 

When you are with the right person(s), the best in you comes out. There is best in every human being. But it will only take the right person, the right circumstance to bring it out. 

Be careful to choose right, as to who you be with or where you go to or who you work for. It is very important if you want to succeed! Happy New Year once again! 

Friday, 1 January 2016


Happy New You Year!!!!!!!!!
(( Guys Thank you for your concerns I was no where NEAR the
isolated hotel fire that happened in Dubai last night! I'm
poppin on a mega yacht in the ocean turnt).... No one was
reported to be hurt Prayers that everyone stays safe Happy
New # YOU Year!!!! Here's my grateful prayer to the
WORLD!!..... Everyone knows I come from very humble
beginnings walked the rough ghetto streets of Watts, Homeless
and raised m a single parent home... Mother addicted to alcohol
for 27 years, father left us on our own.... For on drugs and
alcohol... I've been exposed to drug, murder, homies in and out
of jail, prostitution, racism, we never ever had money, never
had food and it was 4 of us..... But the GOOD LORD FAVOR
covered us.... The struggles developed character and a hunger
for life and success that's unmatched... To the Lord Jesus
Christ be all the glory..... Father God I thank you for
everything that you are and everything that you can continue
to be....... This year I ask that you heighten my awareness,
creativity, my decrement, intuition, instincts of people things
and sitcoms and their intentions towards me.... And I pray that
my clarity is heightened in connection to YOU........ I can do ALL
things through Christ I believe it and live my life according
to....... Not MY way but THY way will be done...... In the midst of
being blessed and even more significant blessings to come.... My
prayer is that no weapons formed against me or my
# VoltronEntertainment team shall prosper cover us, armor is
with your love, armor me with your bold and significant visions
and I will implement them, as I climb into these unfamiliar and
uncharted successful territories...... And father God my hearts
desire is to seek and find the love of my life my WIFE the
year...... Send her to me and I will do the rest... Thank you
father God I will continue to give YOU ALL THE GLORY.....
Amen... Remember I said it this is the YEAR for
#VoltronEntertainment shout to @baitalkandora for my
custom # VoltronKandoras # ChairmanSwag


Hello Nemerulez Blog Lovers, so sorry I have been a bit under the weather, that is why you have not read from me. But I am better now. Thank you so much for making 2015 a great year for me. I look forward to having another great time with you all on this platform. May GOD'S grace be sufficient for us all as we soar higher in the year 2016. Let's rock it!!!