Tuesday, 26 January 2016


Hey friends, it's been a while we had a talk on singles/married. Today, I just have a few things I would like to share with you and I will be so pleased to read from you as well. I had a chat with a senior friend yesterday and we dived into so many topics, one of which was on bonding, and I said yes, this is worth talking about. Bonding is not a new word when it comes to most couples, but I would not like to assume that everybody knows what it is all about, that is why I would like you all to share your thoughts too. 

It has been said that, successful couples forge a strong bond which leads to deeper intimacy and love in the relationship. This is so true, I must say. 

Bonding is the process by which you and your partner connect on more intimate and deeper level. Inability to bond will result to superficial, selfish and myopic relationship, which will not take you very far as a couple. Bonding keeps you focused and centered on each other. No more looking outside. When you bond, you will know deep down that you have found your partner. 

What you do during bonding matters a lot. We have this misconception that bonding is all about sex. Far from it! You do not resolve issues by having sex; you talk! You pour out your hearts to one another, and understand each other deeper. Because, when you finally marry, the bond between you and your partner if genuinely established, will keep you both together when you go through life's tests. 

One of the easiest ways to bond with your partner is by being open to one another. To bond is to connect deeply emotionally, spiritually and mentally with your partner. Spend time together and connect on a deeper emotional, intellectual and spiritual level.

I further asked her, how about physical bonding. Hear what she said, physical bonding takes place later in marriage. If you try to force physical bonding, it will not guarantee bonding and intimacy. Most relationships failed even before they started because they got physical. 

Do you agree with the latter, I mean what she said about physical bonding? Please share your thoughts. This is new year, I need your input guys.... lol. 

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