Sunday, 31 January 2016


When I listen to most successful people, they always say something like, "when I was a kid, my parents told me that I would never amount to anything in life, or my high school teacher once told me that I would never become a billionaire. Did they believe them? Well, most of them did and allowed those words to become true, but the ones that didn't, prove them wrong by being successful against all odds. 

Most of the people who failed would say that they strived to fit in because they were afraid of being different. They feared the work, stress and fear itself surrounding standing out. And I ask, who was the last guy who fit in and changed the world? 

The challenge most people face is the fear of standing out. They want to trend with everything that is trending. You could enjoy the hype for a moment, but at the end, it fizzles away. That is what happens when you want to fit in. 

Standing out is scary, especially when everybody around you is trying hard to fit in and you are all alone believing in yourself to come through. They will make mockery of you and tell you how unrealistic you are. Some "well meaning" friends might even try to convince you that there isn't any future with that thing you are working on and being patient with. Yes, I have heard so many times from people like that, who tell me that I need some real quick money, instead of suffering myself writing. But you know what, it is only passion for whatever you are doing that will help you stand out when all is said and done. 

Fitting in is temporarily fun, but the end is as bitter as anything bitter you can think of. Dare to stand out and dare to change your world. Be that difference that you seek! 

Every, and I mean every successful people I know, have met, have read about, had one thing in common- they refused to fit in- they stood out from the crowd! 

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