Monday, 1 February 2016


Happy New Month Friends!!!! I am grateful to GOD for HIS faithfulness thus far. I am so excited about this February, honestly. I hope you are too. Hope is powerful, never lose it! So here is something inspiring I will love to share with you, and I hope you get inspired by it, even as we welcome the new month of February. Oh it's leap year, you know that? And we are having 29 days in this month. So you have all the days to achieve greatness. Let's do this!

The things I have learnt over the years and I am still learning;

Let your past go- mistakes, regrets, things you could have done right but you did not, and so on. The truth is, your past can never affect your future unless you let it. Whatever happened in your past that seemed unpleasant, could be a blessing in disguise. You learnt better. But you cannot learn better if you are still holding on to your past. So let it go!

You can never please everybody, so stop trying too hard. No matter how good, caring, composed, reserved you are, someone somewhere might not just be pleased with your good nature. Live a good life, please GOD by doing the things you know HE will love to see you do. That is what matters. Unless you are ready to get frustrated and lose it, then you can go on pleasing everybody.

Love yourself. Appreciate yourself. Do not be too quick to throw in the towel. Tell yourself that you are important. Make room for yourself at all times. A lot of people do not make room for themselves. They blame themselves so much whenever they make a mistake and would even attempt to hurt themselves, because they felt they deserved to be punished. If you love yourself, you will never think of hurting yourself, you will be able give and share love. But if you do not love yourself, how can you give and share what you do not have?

Do not force yourself on anything whatsoever- be it relationship, friendship, decision and so on. If you force yourself on something or someone, you will be forced out of it. That is the way it is. What is yours is yours, and what is not yours is not yours.

Improve on yourself. Strive to be the better person. People are generally selfish. I cannot even begin to talk about the incident that happened recently. But dare to stand out and be different. Do not let anyone put you down or bring you to the level of taking revenge. Revenge will only leave you in more pains and regrets. See any challenge as an opportunity to grow and mature into a better person.

Always listen to yourself. Do not be too quick to speak if you have not gotten the facts. Listening is a powerful tool, but not recognised. Listen helps you understand, learn and grow. When you pay close attention to detail, you will avoid some terrible mistakes.

Challenge yourself. Be adventurous at times. Try new things. Do not limit yourself. There is so much inside of you than you can ever imagine. Most times, it takes just a risk to become successful.

Surround yourself with people with positive energies. Laugh and be happy with yourself and life.

Circumstances will bring you to learning these. That is how we grow, by learning.

Have a great month friends!

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